Netherlands Prime Minister Called Out As EU’s Inside Man

nexitSunday Express Headline: Dutch PM Rutte SAVAGED by MPs for ‘predicting UK collapse to get pat on back from Juncker’

A DUTCH political party leader delivered an astonishing tirade against his country’s leader, accusing him of serving the interests of Jean-Claude Juncker instead of the Dutch people

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Leave Means Leave: “The Prime Minister has made the sensible decision…”

LEAVEMEANSLEAVERichard Tice & John Longworth

The Prime Minister has made the sensible decision to go to the people, mainly because Westminster has failed to unite behind the Brexit negotiations, as the other parties express their aims to delay and frustrate the process. This is damaging our negotiating leverage with Brussels and is against the national interest.

Leave Means Leave will be supporting those candidates who believe in a clean, swift Brexit and in delivering the will of the people, to ensure they are returned to the House of Commons.

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Welcome Hard Headed Realism At Core Of Marine Le Pen’s Campaign

frexitMail Headline: ‘More terror attacks will bring civil war’ warns Marine Le Pen: Far-right candidate’s ratings are boosted ahead of Sunday’s presidential election in wake of Paris gun attack which killed a policeman

  • Marine Le Pen’s campaign co-ordinator Jean Messiha made the prediction 
  • He said weak leadership will make ISIS stronger and mean more attacks
  • Messiha added further atrocities with no sign of an end would mean ‘civil war’
  • Polls show that the attack has boosted Le Pen’s chances of electoral success 

EUrocrat blockade strategy is a repeat of another in 1806, Napolean Bonaparte’s Continental System

Junker_DictatorIt was painfully obvious that the misalignment between a majority of Remainers in Parliament and the peoples’ majority referendum vote to Leave the EU had to be resolved. May took time to find out what consequences would follow our departure from the EU.

Despite EUrocrat statements of everlasting peace, harmony and love between a democratic, sovereign UK and the increasingly anti-democratic Brussels dictators there is an undercurrent of unrelenting resentment and desire to inflict economic hardship on the UK economy.

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The Euro Is A Weak Structure Whose Day May Be Done Soon

frexitExpress Headline: ‘Good news for the UK’ EU trembles as Marine Le Pen victory ‘would make pound STRONGER’

A VICTORY for Marine Le Pen could make the British pound stronger as Brexit Britain becomes a financial safe haven compared to the disintegrating Eurozone, a finance chief has claimed.

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BrexitCentral: Dexit after Brexit? Opt-out or get-out

DanexitWritten by,
Darren Grimes is Deputy Editor at BrexitCentral

In this episode, BrexitCentral hears from allies in the upcoming Brexit negotiations. The Danish are the most British of continental Europeans when it comes to Brussels, Denmark delayed its EU membership until the UK became a member in 1973 and remains the only other country with an “opt-out” of the EU requirement to join the euro. BrexitCentral’s Deputy Editor, Darren Grimes, spoke to senior members of the Danish People’s Party, the second biggest party in Denmark, who have been eager to secure a renegotiation of Denmark’s membership of the European Union, as well as a possible referendum… Remind you of anyone?

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Can The French Break The EU Establishments’ Grip On Their Democracy?

frexitExpress Headline: FREXIT? Marine Le Pen promises ‘EU referendum WITHIN SIX MONTHS’ should she win election

FRANCE will have a referendum on whether to stay in the European Union six months after the presidential election should Marine Le Pen win, the Front National leader has claimed.

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PEOPLE’S NEWS – News Digest of the People’s Movement

wwwpeopleiePEOPLE’S NEWS – News Digest of the People’s Movement |
Issue No. 165 8 April 2017,

Yet another bank rip – off facilitated by the Irish government

Strong evidence has emerged that Ireland is not only facilitating significant corporate tax avoidance by companies such as Apple but extends this generosity to large European banks, a number of which fleeced us during the financial crisis.

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