Irish Neutrality Threatened By EU Militarism

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Extract From No. 172 8 August 2017

The People’s Movement campaigns against any measures that further develop the EU into a federal super-state and works to defend and enhance popular sovereignty, democracy and social justice in Ireland.

Billions for the EU’s wars

euarmyWith billions in arms programmes at the EU and national levels, the European Union is seeking to become an operating global military power. At its last summit it agreed not only to enhance co-operation among the member states’ armed forces to facilitate their combat deployment—for example in Africa—but also to rapidly establish a “defence fund” to reallocate funds from civilian to military use.

In a few years, Brussels will already be allocating €1½ billion annually for both research and development of new military technology.

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The Brexit Battle Is Only Just Starting

WHOISSABOTEURMay and Hammond following EU strategy to:

  • Allow EU Superstate laws to go on governing us
  • Let immigrants legal and illegal overwhelm us
  • Be ruled by laws handed down to us by people we never voted for
  • Keep the EU’s hands in our pockets for a very long time

The EU’s modus operandi when dealing with democracy is to ignore it wherever possible if it conflicts with the aims and objectives of achieving an EU superstate. Now it seems Hammond and May, and I see it in that order, have decided that the EU way of doing things, which will ultimately lead the UK back into the arms of the EU superstate, is the  way to go. Delay, fudge and delay again until we hold a second referendum be it in the guise of a snap general election.

This is not what we voted for. This would be a betrayal.

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IREXIT: ‘Eireamach’, which roughly translates as ‘Ireland out’ in Gaelic.

TheBrugeGroupIRExit_150Express Headline: Ireland ‘waking up’ to joys of LEAVING EU, former diplomat says as Ireland is closer to UK

AN IRISH EU exit is becoming more and more likely as the country “wakes up” to the benefits of life outside the union, a former diplomat declared.

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Juncker Bunker Junket Travel Costs: £450,000 Of Mind Boggling Extravagance

Ed – The Juncker Bunker is a euphemism for the EU Commission and all its works. Since we voted to depart the EU nut-house there has been an increasing flow of erratic delusional  decrees, directives and orders emerging from the bunker as reality gradually asserts itself over ideologically driven wishful thinking. Use of the term also denotes a siege mentality taking hold in the court of Emporer Juncker.


GreatEURipoffExpress Headline: Fury as Juncker and EU commissioners splash £450k of TAXPAYERS’ cash on travel in 2 months

JEAN Claude Juncker and his fellow European Commissioners went on an “outrageous” half million euro (£450,000) spending splurge on junkets in just two months new figures have revealed.

The Games Afoot – UK Negotiators Guard Against EU Skullduggery

Telegraph Headline: Britain’s Brexit negotiators denied water by Brussels during divorce talks, civil servant claims

By Jack Maidment,

Britain’s Brexit negotiators have been denied water during showdown talks in Brussels as the EU sought to gain a competitive advantage over the UK, a civil servant has revealed.

The anonymous official said a lack of water available during talks may have been evidence of “unsporting tactics to get the upper hand”.

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Spendthrift EU Have Bought ‘Art’ Worth £8 Billion And Thousands Of Bottles Of Wine For its Fat Cats

GreatEURipoffStories of gratuitous waste of public funds in the EU are many, but as we found out during the referendum campaign they are hardly mentioned and generaly swept under the carpet by a pliant EUrophile mainstream media. That has changed, now an accounting has to be made as part of Britain’s departure.

It is interesting to watch the EU’s leading negotiators having to come to terms with skeleton after skeleton emerging from the rotten core of unaudited expenditure carried out in the EU since Britain joined. Other states are watching aghast.

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EU Nation States Calling Planet Juncker With Questions, Questions And More Questions

Junker_DictatorThe British departure from the EU has caused a chain reaction of critical thinking and review by the European nation states of which the EU is comprised.

They are asking if the EU institutions: Commission, so-called Parliament, EU Council and the ECB are governing their countries the way they thought they would when their respective previous governments signed them up.

They are asking a lot of questions now which should have been asked at the time they joined.

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The People’s News: Ireland Another step away from neutrality

wwwpeopleieNews Digest of the People’s Movement |
Extract From Issue No. 171 24 July 2017
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euarmy“…we now have developing in the state [of Ireland] what is in essence a layer of career militarists, linked to their European peers, who see themselves as being already part of a European army. – The People’s News

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The Bruges Group: Brexit under threat

thebrugesgroup_150, The Bruges Group, Wed, 02 Aug 2017 , Renegotiation
This article is from The Eurosceptic

With Article 50 triggered and Brexit negotiations well underway, the UK government looks like it’s carrying out the instructions it received from 17.4 million voters last summer. At best, Britain and the continent will establish a mutually advantageous trade relationship; at worst, the UK and EU will revert to World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, including minor tariffs on the exchange of goods and services. In either case, it seems, the UK will regain control over its finances, its borders, and its laws –all of which are necessary to fulfill the mandate given by voters.

Nevertheless, a growing threat hangs over Brexit Britain.

In hopes of consolidating power, Prime Minister Theresa May called an election in June. Rather than expand her mandate with a comfortable majority in Parliament, May’s Conservatives lost their majority, necessitating the support of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist MPs to govern.

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Rudd Might Be On To Something With A Bit Of Fine Tuning

Daily Mail Headline: Tory turmoil as Immigration Minister insists Britain WILL end EU free movement in 2019 but Amber Rudd vows the border will stay OPEN to the ‘brightest and best’

  • Rudd said the UK must remain a ‘hub for international talent’ after Brexit 
  • She said immigration reforms would give control but would not stop arrivals 
  • Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis unable to promise targets hit by 2022