UKIP Daily: Nigel Farage tells the EU they are behaving like gangsters

Here’s what Nigel had to say…

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Classic Farage, well done. With May’s backsliding on immigration it is high time he returned to his day job backing Brexit in the UK AS A PRIORITY.

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EUrocrats Remove UK Fishing Fleets’ Right To Fish Bristol Channel

EFDD Headline: Fisheries spokesman to seek urgent meeting with EU Commissioner following removal of North Devon fleet’s fishing rights

Fisheries spokesman to seek urgent meeting with EU Commissioner following removal of North Devon fleet's fishing rights

Ray Finch MEP, UKIP Fisheries Spokesman, is seeking an urgent meeting with the Fisheries Commissioner over the removal of virtually all remaining fishing rights in the Bristol Channel, which has left the North Devon fleet tied up and facing ruin. “The decision by the Marine Management Organisation to immediately close the Skate and Ray fisheries over areas V1 and V11 is an absolute disgrace. The MMO says it must do so in fear of penalties to be imposed by the European Commission.

This only makeseven more urgent the United Kingdom’s exit from the Common Fisheries Policy.

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UKIP Statement on Douglas Carswell resignation

Carswell_WestminsterPublished Mar 25, 2017, UKIP.ORG

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said, “Douglas Carswell has announced today that he is resigning from UKIP, to sit as an independent MP. He has said that he is doing this “cheerfully and amicably”.

“This is not a surprise. I was elected on a pledge to forge unity in the party, and have had many discussions with key players to try and make that happen, but it had become increasingly clear to me that some things were simply beyond reach.

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The Evil Empire (PDF)

How the Common Fisheries Policy is recolonising the Third World

By Ray Finch MEP, Member of the EFDD Group in the European Parliament
Co-ordinator on the Fisheries Committee.

Letter from Nigel Farage

“SINCE the dawn of civilisation, the concept of property,
of exclusive ownership, has brought it with slavery. If
possessions, land and animals could be private property
then so could people.”

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Big Spenders – EU Extravagence

EU_ExtravaganceBy Paul Nuttal, UKIP Leader

The cost of the European Union is one of the strongest arguments for British withdrawal. At the moment we are handing over £55 million every single day to this organisation.

Meanwhile, the EU has not had its accounts signed off by auditors for nearly twenty years. Questions of waste and extravagance will be at the centre of the referendum campaign.

This booklet seeks to highlight a number of examples where the EU wastes the hard earned cash of its citizens.

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EU Useless – By Louise Bours MEP

EUuselessBy Louise Bours, MEP and EFDD member

All politicians are accused of spouting hot air. Within the European Parliament building in Brussels it’s like a furnace. While not every conversation that takes place there is entirely without merit, very often it invokes Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

Too often the parliamentary committees find themselves bogged down in needless debate about issues the EU has no control over, need not have control over, and, more importantly, should never have
control over.

This booklet looks at some of the recent work of two European
Parliament committees – the Committee on Culture and Education and the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality.

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The UKIP Troubles Are Your Troubles

woolfeMany present and former UKIP supporters have been shamed by the party leadership debacle. Nigel Farage’s premature resignation triggered a catalogue of mismanaged, inept and amateurish behaviour putting the party on a path to self destruction.

UK voters got a glimpse of UKIP’s anarchic tribal inner workings and rightly drew the conclusion that they were not fit for government. UKIP’s seemingly unstoppable march to bickering rabble status allied to the Labour Party’s suicidal move to the left means the Liberal Democrats now form the only credible party with the organisation and membership to mount some semblance of a challenge to the ascendant Conservatives under May.

The following UKIP Daily Story illustrates the at times incomprehensible management of the party and also explains to some extent why UKIP is incapable of building a party worthy of government.

Read full story at UKIP Daily: Could UKIP be decimated in May?

Britain is not bluffing and will not be bullied over Brexit plans, UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall tells EU

Published UKIP.ORG Jan 18, 2017

Paul NuttalUKIP leader Paul Nuttall MEP told the European Parliament today that Britain is not a country that will be bullied easily by EU negotiators, following Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement of her Brexit objectives.

He also criticised the lack of response from Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour and its demise as the party of working people.

Watch Paul Nuttal’s EU Parliament speech below…

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Goodbye Sir Ivan – welcome Nigel Farage?

By Gerard Batten MEP, Published UKIP.ORG

gerard.jpgGerard Batten MEP, UKIP’s Brexit spokesman has welcomed the resignation of the the UK’s Ambassador to the EU, and has made a suggestion for his replacement.

“UKIP welcomes the resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers as the UK’s Ambassador to the EU.

“Sir Ivan had done the decent thing and stood down from an untenable position. If Mrs May were serious about leaving the EU she would have removed him long before.

“Sir Ivan is a Europhile who could not be expected to represent Britain’s national interest in the withdrawal process, which is long overdue in starting and which now needs to be pursued in earnest.

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EU’s Growing “Federalist contempt for the electorates of Europe”

MEPs dangerously pushing legislation out of public view and hampering transparency

Published UKIP.ORG Dec 13, 2016

PaulNuttall1_(1).jpgResponding to the passing of the Corbett Report in the European Parliament today in Strasbourg, UKIP leader Paul Nuttall said: “This is an explosively dangerous move by the big groups in the European Parliament because it reduces the public visibility of important legislative votes and transfers huge amounts of decision-making power to behind closed doors.

“Though on the surface, a technical report, it will mean that more and more legislation will be fast-tracked without proper public deliberation onto so-called Trilogue meetings of the Commission, Council and Parliament.

“There will be less votes in public view, and smaller political groups, most of which are Eurosceptic, will have less ability to make amendments to the laws that impact on peoples’ lives. Eurosceptic groups will thus be denied an even playing field and a fair book of rules. This shows Federalist contempt for the electorates of Europe.”

The report on the general revision of Parliament’s Rules of Procedure can be found here.