Anne-Marie Waters Time Has Not Yet Come – Bolton Takes Charge Of Ineffective UKIP Rabble

Telegraph Headline: Ukip heads off split as former army officer Henry Bolton beats anti-Islam candidate to win leadership

, 29 September 2017 • 3:57pm

An outspoken critic of Islam failed to become the new leader of the UK Independence Party heading off a possible split in the party.

Anne-Marie Waters, who founded Sharia Watch UK, had been favourite to succeed Paul Nuttall who quit at the June general election.

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UKIP’s Steve Crowther Congratulates German Afd On A Success To Savour


AfD and the German elections

You may have seen that I have issued a short statement congratulating the Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) party on their substantial gains in the German federal elections. The seats have not been allocated yet, but it seems that they will be on around 94 (from none previously), and are the second largest party in the former East German states.

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UKIP shreds Juncker ‘State of the Union’ speech


The EU President’s annual strategic speech delivered today has attracted the following responses from UKIP:

Centralising EU means populist wave has only begun – Farage

EU treatment of Poland and Hungary reminiscent of the Soviet Union

“Responding to Jean Claude Juncker’s ‘State of the Union’ speech in the Strasbourg European Parliament Plenary (13/09/17), which called for a far higher level of federalism in the EU including one new powerful President and a much stronger EU Defence union, UKIP MEP Nigel Farage responded by saying…

“Mr Juncker, that was the most open, honest and truly worrying speech I’ve heard in my long years in this place. The message is very clear, Brexit has happened, full steam ahead.
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UKIP Leadership: 11 Applicants Announced


Published, UKIP.ORG Aug 04, 2017

The Returning Officer has today confirmed that there are eleven applicants for next month’s leadership election.

They are (in alphabetical order):

• David Allen
• Henry Bolton
• David Coburn
• Jane Collins
• David Kurten
• Marion Mason
• Aidan Powlesland
• John Rees-Evans
• Ben Walker
• Anne Marie Waters
• Peter Whittle

We are in the process of verifying their information and completing vetting checks in preparation for the next NEC meeting on 11th August. Once the NEC has approved the final list, we will let you know the names of the candidates who will appear on the ballot paper.*

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UKIP’s Mr Crowther (Pot) Calls Kettle ( Hammond ) Black: Then Tells UKIP’s Membership To Grumble a Lot And Do Nothing

Ed – This has to be one of the most crass, ineffective statements of the obvious ever by Mr Steve Crowther, UKIP’s Interim ‘Leader’ and technophobe prevaricator in chief.  He tells us that we should wait until the Brexit horse has bolted and only then do something:

“…if the [Government’s] Cabinet members surrender to Michel Barnier’s threats and agree the Chancellor’s Remainer-driven plan, we will be back with a vengeance.”


It is an outrage, insult and betrayal of everyone who voted for UKIP and to those who have watched UKIP’s dead in the water leave campaign. UKIP’s shamefull inactivity is deliberate so it seems. This is poor leadership. At the very time of the Leave Campaign’s crying need for energy and activism Mr Crowther issues the risible call to NO ACTION and a NON CAMPAIGN.

Just who is betraying who Mr Crowther?


UKIP Update: Chancellor Plans Brexit Betrayal


Chancellor Philip Hammond’s plans for ‘transitional arrangements’ – including extending our open borders for several years – will lead to a betrayal of the Brexit decision, says UKIP interim leader Steve Crowther.

“Extending freedom of movement for two, three or four years produces no obvious benefit to anyone”, he said. “It is an EU principle, so ending it in 2019 or 2023 makes no difference to them.

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Tory Brexit backsliding on key EU withdrawal amendments

UK Independence Party, View profile

The European Parliament has voted down several UKIP amendments which explicitly called for the protection of UK fishing waters, scrapping the Brexit bill and ending ECJ jurisdiction in the UK. Conservative and Labour MEPs joined forces to vote down these proposals along with the rest of the Parliament.

Gerard Batten MEP and UKIP Brexit spokesman commented:

“The Conservative government is making some encouraging noises but their MEPs gave the game away today. As usual, the Tories say one thing in the UK but vote for the opposite in the European Parliament.

They are fully prepared to allow European courts to have power over us for years and years to come and submit to EU blackmail over the Brexit bill.”

“We have set out a clear plan to repeal the 1972 European Community Act as soon as possible and ensure a speedy and unencumbered Brexit whilst saving billions and billions in extra EU contributions.”

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Tim Congdon’s latest e-mail: The UKIP plan for leaving the European Union

Prof Tim CongdonProf Tim Congdon

I think Brexit is now more or less irreversible, with the House of Commons rejecting both the single market and a customs union. To me the intellectual battleground will increasingly be the need for successful economic policies..

Strong public finances, sound money (with stable prices, ideally), free trade, a small state and low taxes, and light regulation are essential. We are right to be out, but we must now be a successful nation

If Britain is an economic failure in the next 20 years, with the pound falling heavily against the euro while inflation is much higher here, I predict that the UK will apply to rejoin the EU. That mustn’t happen….and that is why we need good economic policies. 

Attached is a downloadable EU exit plan written by Gerard Batten which I thoroughly recommend. It offers a detailed study of how we can make Brexit work.

With best wishes,

Tim Congdon

Runner-up in the 2010 UKIP leadership election
UKIP Economics Spokesman 2010 – 14

Please do not reply to this e-mail as I have a number of engagements in the coming days and thus will have little time to respond.

Copyright © 2017 Tim Congdon (UKIP), All rights reserved.

Mr Crowther It’s Not Good Enough – You Have Created A Snoozing Protest Party – Way Off The Pace – What The Hell Are You Doing?


Nigel will not stand for the leadership

Writing in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday, Nigel Farage made clear that he would not be standing for the party leadership this time. I am grateful to him for this clarification, which helps clear the air.

As someone who served him loyally and urged him to stand down at the peak of his success, I believe this is the right decision. The party must prove it is not just the Nigel Farage Club, and can grow and evolve as one of the country’s major political parties, with a new mission and sense of purpose.

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