Global Research: Iraq: Will Tony Blair Finally Stand Trial for His Part in the “Supreme International Crime”?

By Felicity Arbuthnot, Global Research, July 08, 2017
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Former British Prime Minister Blair listens to a question during an appearance at the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

“I think most people who have dealt with me, think I’m a pretty straight sort of guy, and I am.” (Tony Blair, BBC “On the Record”, 16th November 1997.) 

On 30th November last year, Michael Gove, currently UK Environment Minister, pretty well unloved by swathes of the population whatever Ministry he heads, declared, at the post Chilcot Inquiry debate in Parliament regarding Tony Blair’s role in dragging the UK in to a monumental tragedy for which history will not forgive:

“History, I think will judge him less harshly than some in this House do.”

Deciding whether or not to illegally invade Iraq was a “finely balanced act”, fantasized Gove.

It was not. It was a pack of lies, many of which came from the Blair regime, as confirmed by Colin Powell’s delusionary address to the UN on 5th February 2003, in subsequently unearthed correspondence and of course, the Chilcot Inquiry. 

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The Peoples’ Movement,

A new People’s Movement pamphlet explains how an EU-US trade and investment treaty threatens democracy, would attack workers’ rights, erode social standards and environmental regulations, dilute food safety rules, undermine regulations on the use of toxic chemicals, rubbish digital privacy laws, and strangle developing economies.

people_ie_ttipA copy (356 KB) of the brochure: pamphlet in PDF format is available here.


Exponential Investor: The Arctic – far away, but close to your wallet

Ed – Climate change is happening whether you are in the ‘man made’ ideological camp or not. The futility of hand-wringing world governments setting man made limits on global warming of 20C max is obvious. The challenge facing mankind is how we are going to cope. Some countries are going to be sunburnt into deserts. Where are their populations going to go and how will we replace the food they produce?… The following article’s pragmatic analysis provides some clues to the thinking of people with the influence and power to do something, or nothing, about it.


Andrew Lockley,

Yesterday, we looked at how the Arctic is melting. We started to explore the effects, such as opening up the region for oil exploration. However, you’ll be aware from our other articles that we’re not fond of conventional fossil fuels. They’re a zombie technology – soon to be dethroned by renewable energy.

So how can you profit, as the Arctic melts?

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US, UK, Saudi, Israel, ‘axis of evil’ seeking to ruin Mideast: Scholar

Ed – The conclusions reached by Prof. Rodney Shakespeare and the former UK ambassador to Syria Peter Ford are remarkably clear. After several years observing the  venal hypocrisy and behaviour of our own UK government I long ago reached the same conclusions. But why would our own US/UK/Israeli governments seek to succour, nurture, train and support in the field of battle, be allies with in fact, the very same terrorists who were part of the twin tower demolition on 911 in New York? Perhaps we should be seeing 911 as only the start. I think the title of this piece should be “US, UK, Saudi, Israel and ISIS ‘axis of evil’ seeking to maintain a ruined Mideast incapable of rounding on Israel.

And don’t forget ISIS have been selling oil on the Turkish black market under Erdogans nose for the duration of Syria’s civil war – the money somehow getting into the worlds financial system and into ISIS coffers to finance ‘Caliphate”s destruction of civilisation.

But what the hell do I know.


Press TV, Iran, Sun Dec 25, 2016 | Home | US | Interviews

The real axis of evil are the US, the UK,Saudi Arabia and Israel,who are plotting to destroy their opponents in the Middle East, says Rodney Shakespeare.

Britain, America, Saudi Arabia and Israel form an “axis of evil” that seeks to destroy Middle Eastern countries like Syria, says a British scholar, citing expansion of Israel and promotion of Saudi Wahhabism as the alliance’s main objectives.

Dr. Rodney Shakespeare, a university professor in London, made the remarks while discussing Britain’s policy on Syria.

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Democracy Bypass Part 2: How You As An Individual Can Help Stop This Happening

ED – This article contains links to just three of the hundreds of Stop TTIP campaigns UK and Europe wide. Remember Brexit campaigners love Europe and care for Europeans still under the heel of Junckers elitist EU toxic dictatorship. The donation request is from the team at an online campaigning site.

By Wiebke, Jon, and the team at 8 July 2016

TTIP – The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).


It will cost at least 1 million jobs, undermine our most treasured public services, lead to a ‘race to the bottom’ in food, environmental and labour standards and, for the first time, allow US companies to sue the UK government in special courts. War On Want

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been knee-deep in Brexit news this last couple of weeks. 

So it would’ve been super easy for you to miss the fact that TTIP negotiators are sitting down next week to nail down the deal and get it all signed as soon as they can. Our environment, affordable healthcare, and working conditions are all at stake.

If the talks succeed, 2016 will be the year our politicians sign away our rights — and  that includes the UK while we remain in the EU.

We’re still fighting TTIP. We’ve stopped the deal so far, but we need your help for this final push to end the deal. Can you help stop TTIP?

Yes, I want to donate £1 to stop TTIP.

Stop TTIP Logo

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Democracy Bypass Part 1: TTIP investor court illegal, say German judges


German judges dealt a blow to EU-US free trade agreement talks after declaring a proposed arbitration court illegal.

The European Commission last September proposed setting up an investment tribunal court that would allow firms to challenge government decisions as part of its larger Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Critics says the new court, which is intended to replace a much loathed investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS) system, will pressure governments into clawing back consumer protection rights and environmental standards in favour of corporate interest.

Earlier this week, the German Association of Magistrates, a Berlin-based judicial umbrella organisation, said it “sees neither a legal basis nor a need for such a court”.

It says existing national courts are good enough and that efforts by the Commission to create a new court undermines jurisdictions across the Union.

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