The Evil Empire (PDF)

How the Common Fisheries Policy is recolonising the Third World

By Ray Finch MEP, Member of the EFDD Group in the European Parliament
Co-ordinator on the Fisheries Committee.

Letter from Nigel Farage

“SINCE the dawn of civilisation, the concept of property,
of exclusive ownership, has brought it with slavery. If
possessions, land and animals could be private property
then so could people.”

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Big Spenders – EU Extravagence

EU_ExtravaganceBy Paul Nuttal, UKIP Leader

The cost of the European Union is one of the strongest arguments for British withdrawal. At the moment we are handing over £55 million every single day to this organisation.

Meanwhile, the EU has not had its accounts signed off by auditors for nearly twenty years. Questions of waste and extravagance will be at the centre of the referendum campaign.

This booklet seeks to highlight a number of examples where the EU wastes the hard earned cash of its citizens.

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EU Useless – By Louise Bours MEP

EUuselessBy Louise Bours, MEP and EFDD member

All politicians are accused of spouting hot air. Within the European Parliament building in Brussels it’s like a furnace. While not every conversation that takes place there is entirely without merit, very often it invokes Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

Too often the parliamentary committees find themselves bogged down in needless debate about issues the EU has no control over, need not have control over, and, more importantly, should never have
control over.

This booklet looks at some of the recent work of two European
Parliament committees – the Committee on Culture and Education and the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality.

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Stolen Seas – How the UK suffers under the Common Fisheries Policy

Key to understanding the UK’s dysfunctional relationship with the EU is the dismemberment and disposal of our fishing industry. Once vibrant it is now virtualy defunct with many formerly healthy fishing ports now dead in the water. A sobering read…


  • stolen_seas_150By Ray Finch MEP, Member of the EFDD Group in the European Parliament 2015
  • With letter from Nigel Farage MEP, Co-President of the EFDD Group 2
How the UK suffers under the Common Fisheries Policy

Trapped                 ... ... ... ... 4
‘In the Summertime’     ... ... ... ... 7
Sharing out the spoils  ... ... ... ... 8
A licence to kill       ... ... ... ... 12
Not a free lunch        ... ... ... ... 14
The Armada strikes back ... ... ... ... 18
Sleeping with the enemy ... ... ... ... 21
Them’s our fish         ... ... ... ... 24
Notes                   ... ... ... ... 26
Acknowledgements        ... ... ... ... 28

“Swallow the lot, and swallow it now”
Sir Con O’Neill, British Negotiating Team

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A contagion is spreading across Europe, the disease is called democracy

Speech By Nigel Farage, EFDD Group, EU “Parliament”


nigelfarageSpeaking to the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, in the European Parliament today in a debate on the forthcoming Dutch Presidency of the Council of the EU, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP spoke of a Eurosceptic contagion spreading across Europe, citing the UK, the Netherlands and Ireland among others.

“The EU faces an existential crisis, indeed there is an outbreak of a contagious disease. The disease is called democracy and people want to have a say on their future.” “Whether we the peoples of Europe can break this union between now and the end of June, I don’t know, but I tell you what, we’re going to have a damn good go.”

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