Labour Leave: Major Report On Brexit Success

LabourLeave_150A major new report, co-authored by Labour Leave, sets out the case for making a success of Brexit
New Model Economy for a Post-Brexit Britain


Written by Labour Leave, Leave Means Leave, and Economists for Free Trade, the report sets out how Britain could see its national income grow by as much as £135bn per annum. This could be achieved by:

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Labour Leave: What did Clement Attlee think of the EU project?

Ed – The Labour Leave news website has some thoughtful, rational articles explaining the damage the EU has done and will do to working men and women and the labour movement. It must be noted the true Labour movement of ordinary people trying to get along is vastly different from the London ‘Labour’ Marxism of Corbyn and anti-democratic Umunna and Keir Starmer.


What did Clement Attlee think of the EU project?

All the points and criticisms he makes apply tenfold to the EU as it now is. At the time he was speaking this was simply the Common Market, before Maastricht, before Lisbon, before Greece, before bailing out French and German banks with EU taxpayers money.

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Campaign Appeal: Labour Leave Are Ringing The Brexit Alarm Bells

LabourLeave_150The Labour Leave Team,

Even Christmas isn’t safe from the underhand plotting of the terminally outraged Remainers. Nick Clegg is releasing what he hopes to be a festive best seller – How to Stop Brexit. 

His new book talks of ‘resistance‘, typical of the extraordinary self regard of elite remainers. What he is attempting to do is not resist unjust rule, but overturn the biggest democratic mandate in British history.

It is the same complete reversal of reality that has recently seen talk of a new anti-Brexit party called – wait for it – The Democrats. We can only doff our caps to their brazen audacity.

Clegg and his ilk have shown they have no respect for democracy whatsoever, and the reason is very simple – they have no respect for the public whatsoever. They enjoyed the pre-Brexit world where all decisions were made by men like them, and the public had no real opportunity to influence the way the country is run.

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Labour Leave: Don’t Be Awkward, Be Proactive

Labour Leave

Ed – This post from pre-election Labour Leave campaign illustrates many heartwrenching dilemmas for decent honest Labour supporters who quite rightly want out of an anti-democratic institution bent on destroying British industries and jobs wholesale. The steadfast and consistent Labour Leave team puts the efforts of dead in the water UKIP to shame. If you want to get active read the article and follow the Labour Leave links and opportunities which are still valid.

Posted by on April 27, 2017

What Labour Leavers can do

So, the General Election was sprung upon us a week ago. It seems a gamble by Theresa May, albeit one with the odds well in her favour. Nevertheless one feels if she were a Brexiteer at heart, she would not have risked the process by allowing even the possibility for her majority to shrink. Every seat counts here, and the Lib Dems could well win some.

Labour also have embraced the ‘every seat counts’ mantra. There is dogged determination – and optimism even – in every CLP right now, in spite of the nadir the party finds itself in. New and old supporters are getting involved, some driven by Brexit revenge, others by opposition to austerity and privatisation.

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Labour Leave: “We are not going to let Brexit be taken away from us”

LabourLeave_150Brendan Chilton, General Secretary of Labour Leave

The anti-Brexit alliance continues to deploy its troops and execute its obviously well planned pincer movement. We have courtyard jester Nick Clegg’s salvo from political oblivion, declaring the need for a 2nd EU Referendum where voters under 30 get their votes counted twice… He also exemplified the ‘Belgian’ approach; pointing to their apparent robust deporting of EU citizens, suggesting we remain in the EU and simply follow suit.

From the centre came a brisk and functional attack from the former General, Mr Blair. He fired his comprehensive essay over the trenches from his Kensington cannon. Although causing minimal damage, the call to cease Brexit rallied his troops. However the general’s claim that the EU will rush to embrace the reform of freedom of movement, just as long the UK stays in the EU, seems like fanciful thinking from the former Prime Minister.

Join Labour Leave Here

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Labour Leave: The Job Isn’t Done Yet

LabourLeave_150Ed – The boys and girls at Labour Leave have a huge task ahead of them which only they are in a position to do, influence their fellow Labour supporters about the huge damage the EU has done: 

  • in keeping wages down
  • passing Brits jobs over to mass illegal and legal immigration
  • and how the EU elitist corporatocracy intends to subjugate the British workers under ‘deals’ like the detested Transatlantic Trade And Investment Partnership (TTIP)
  • Establishing anti-democratic rule by dictate from Brussels euphemisticaly called the Democratic Deficit
  • The elimination of democracy by treaty is the plan


From: John Mills,
Chair, Labour Leave
Today is the 1st anniversary of the referendum, an historic vote that we still hope will permanently change British politics. We just want to thank you for supporting Labour Leave over the past year and more.

Donate Here Support Brexit

We genuinely think Labour Leave made the critical key difference to the referendum result, helping many Labour supporters know that there were strong traditional Labour voices advocating for our democracy by disengaging from the European Union and charting our own future as a self-governing, independent nation-state.

And by Labour Leave we mean you! 

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Labour Leave: Gina Miller is out blocking “extreme Brexit”

LabourLeave_150Brendan Chilton, Labour Leave

Gina Miller has been out on the campaign trying to promote MPs who will block “extreme Brexit”. Now, to you or I, this actually just means Brexit: Britain being an independent nation that sets its own laws, rather than having them handed down from Brussels. But for the Remain ultras, what started as “hard Brexit” is now “extreme Brexit”. Maybe next week it will be ‘world ending Brexit’.

To be clear, what the Remain elite think is extreme is actually the position of the vast majority of the world’s nations – outside the EU, trading on WTO rules, not subject to Brussels rule.


Please support us if you can. The election is now weeks away. Don’t let Remain use big money to overturn your vote.

So in classic Remain and EU style, Miller and co are doing everything they can to overturn a democratic vote. She has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds now, including from Blair and Branson.

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Lack Of Unambiguous commitment to departing the EU Madhouse frustrating Labour Leave Campaign

Ed Rennie, Labour Leave LabourLeave_150

As you can imagine at Labour Leave HQ to say we are frustrated with the lack of unambiguous commitment to departing the EU from the current leadership of our party would be an understatement. This is without mentioning the rather ludicrous statements from some MPs such as Chuka Umunna, Heidi Alexander, Chris Bryant and oh Owen Smith (remember him?) who seem apparently oblivious that formally leaving the EU but retaining membership of the Single Market and Customs Union is quite patently the worst of both worlds.

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Labour Leave: Juncker hasn’t denied authorising deceitful anti-British briefings

LabourLeave_150Ed Rennie, Labour Leave

Believe it or not there are some on the continent who would like an orderly, constructive and fairly negotiated exit deal between the UK and the EU. But Jean-Claude Juncker former Luxembourg Prime Minister and President of the EU Commission isn’t one of them. He hasn’t even denied authorising this month’s deceitful anti-British briefings, his ongoing delusions, not to mention his self delusion, beggar belief.

Here are just a few of his horrendous sayings.

Regarding the Lisbon Treaty: ‘Of course there will be transfers of sovereignty. But would I be intelligent to draw the attention of public opinion to this fact?’

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Labour Leave: Get Behind Our Campaign

gina.jpgBy Brendan Chilton, Labour Leave

We have become increasingly concerned that Remainers are yet again seeking to derail Brexit through any means possible. They still cannot accept they lost. These people are used to getting what they want.

Their latest plot involves coordinating cross party tactical voting to promote MPs who “want the best for Britain”, as Best for Britain puts it, or MPs who “stick by their principles”, as Gina Miller puts it. Beneath the weasel words what they are doing is attempting to get anti-Brexit MPs elected.
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