Get Britain Out: Will we ever take back control of our borders?


By Jayne Adye, Campaign Director, and the Team at Get Britain Out, 17/08/2017

Yesterday the Government began to release its post-Brexit EU immigration policies. They have now committed to maintaining visa-free travel so EU tourists can travel to the UK with no prior checks and no need for advance visas – presumably pushing for the EU to return the favour. Not sure if this will turn out to be a great idea – we will have to see!

The Government is also supposed to be committing to a limit on the number of permits to work, study, claim any benefits, and settle in the UK for EU citizens. This is not a guarantee of meaningfully controlled immigration after March 2019, flying in the face of the vote to ‘Leave’ the European Union.

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Whatever Happened To Leave.EU’s Patriotic Alliance

PatrioticAlliance2Something is not quite right in the Leave.EU campaign.

The lights are on but there is nobody home.

One of’s readers, Grahame, wrote in to find out what was going on with Leave.EU’s offshoot The Patriotic Alliance. You can read the enquiry and my attempts to communicate with the Leave.EU team at the end of this email.

Along with Grahame I signed up for the The Patriotic Alliance, but since then except for a few emails asking for policy ideas nothing has happened, no progress update, no contact or campaign in formation. So I tried to find out what progress if any had been made…..Without success as of todays date

  • No contact recently from Arron Bank’s Patriotic Alliance. Website remains an un developed subscription page
  • The Leave.EU campaign phones and email are set on auto-pilot. answerphone and no response respectively.
  • The phone number given for press for Andy Wigmore goes through to a cab company
  • The website tickers on the front page have not been updated for a very long time.
  • There are only sporadic blog entries appearing

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Campaign Appeal: Labour Leave Are Ringing The Brexit Alarm Bells

LabourLeave_150The Labour Leave Team,

Even Christmas isn’t safe from the underhand plotting of the terminally outraged Remainers. Nick Clegg is releasing what he hopes to be a festive best seller – How to Stop Brexit. 

His new book talks of ‘resistance‘, typical of the extraordinary self regard of elite remainers. What he is attempting to do is not resist unjust rule, but overturn the biggest democratic mandate in British history.

It is the same complete reversal of reality that has recently seen talk of a new anti-Brexit party called – wait for it – The Democrats. We can only doff our caps to their brazen audacity.

Clegg and his ilk have shown they have no respect for democracy whatsoever, and the reason is very simple – they have no respect for the public whatsoever. They enjoyed the pre-Brexit world where all decisions were made by men like them, and the public had no real opportunity to influence the way the country is run.

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UK Brexit position paper commits to open and invisible Irish border…


Extract from BrexitCentral newsletter available at

The government has said there must be an “unprecedented solution” for the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic after Brexit. A paper detailing its proposals focuses on the need to avoid a hard border. The government stresses there should be no physical infrastructure, such as customs posts, at the border, which has almost 300 crossing points… The government’s paper does not envisage CCTV cameras or number plate recognition technology at the border, or set back from it. Instead, the government is arguing for a wide-ranging exemption under which small and medium-sized businesses will not have to comply with any new customs tariffs. – BBC News
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Leo Mckinstry Nails It – The EU Negotiators Want To Give UK Punishment And Take Its Cash – Even At The Expense Of EU’s Remaining Countries

Ed – It is becoming clearer and clearer to everyone, but as a complete revalation to many former remainers, just how inflexible and damaging the EU elite are prepared to be to the UK and themselves in pursuit of their bankrupt and dangerous policies driving toward an EU superstate. Delay, fudge and delay are the EU’s weapons. They harm the UK, discourage other countries wishing to escape and aid the EU superstate ideologues in subverting Brexit. Leo nails it.


Express Get Us Out KNIGHTExpress Headline: Brexiteers have called EU’s bluff over withdrawal, says LEO MCKINSTRY

RELENTLESS gloom is the essential feature of propaganda about Brexit from the EU and the Remoaner lobby.

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Brexit Central: A healthy dose of ambition and innovation for UK trade after Brexit

BrexitCentralBannerWritten by
Hugh Bennett,, August 15, 2017

The UK has stepped its Brexit preparations up a gear with an ambitious proposal for a “best of both worlds” customs arrangement with the EU after Brexit. In a paper published today, the Government sets out two possible post-Brexit scenarios. The first is a streamlined customs arrangement which would maximise technological and remote customs procedures to ensure highly simplified customs procedures with the EU, along the lines of what most are expecting after Brexit.

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Leave.EU: Help get Hammond and Rudd deselected

Hammond1We are calling upon you to participate in our campaign to get Chancellor Philip Hammond and his partner in crime, Home Secretary Amber Rudd deslected.

A fifth column of Remain MPs in the cabinet and the wider Parliamentary Conservative Party led by Hammond are exploiting the opportunity presented by the catastrophic general election to halt Brexit.

The stature of Hammond’s office of state, inferior only to the enfeebled Prime Minister’s, offers him an unacceptably influential platform to spin his strategy, all in the name of the economy and British business.
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Leave Means Leave Campaign: August 2017 Update

LEAVEMEANSLEAVERichard Tice & John Longworth

It may be the middle of August, but the bright Brexit news keeps coming.

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics this week showed that UK exports since the EU referendum have leapt up by 11.4 per cent to £580 billion, proving that British goods and services are in demand more than ever.

This latest dose of Brexit good news demonstrates that we have so much to be optimistic about as Britain shakes off the bureaucratic shackles of Brussels and embraces the world of global free trade.

However, the Remoaners will stop at nothing to keep talking our country down. Just this week, Lord Heseltine said that those who wish to thwart the democratic will of the British people still have a “small window” of “opportunity to change the agenda” and stop Brexit.

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