Get Britain Out: Time to Make the Best Brexit a Certainty

Get Britain Out

What an end to the Easter holiday. As you are no doubt aware, on Tuesday Prime Minister Theresa May took the political world by surprise and declared a snap General Election, to be held on June 8th. This is a golden opportunity for the Great British Public to give Brexit their stamp of approval once again. We can dispel – once and for all – any idea the British people regret the ‘Leave’ vote on June 23rd last year, or any suggestion we want the half-hearted, diluted ‘Brexit’ proposed by many in the Labour Party.
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Labour Leave: Blair Has A £9,000,000 Warchest With More Available – We Will Resist Him


Brendan Chilton,General Secretary Labour Leave

Theresa May has said she wants to hold a snap general election on 8 June, despite repeatedly claiming that she was against the idea of an early vote.

In a surprise statement outside Downing Street this morning, the prime minister claimed that opposition parties were jeopardising her government’s preparations for Brexit.

“We need a general election and we need one now,” she said. “I have only recently and reluctantly come to this conclusion but now I have concluded it is the only way to guarantee certainty for the years ahead.”

Labour Leave is ready for this moment, we have been planning.

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BrexitCentral: The General Election will settle the questions the Brexit nay-sayers keep raising once and for all




Jonathan Isaby

Written by

Jonathan Isaby is Editor of BrexitCentral

Since becoming Prime Minister, Theresa May has run a virtually leak-free tight ship, and so it was that her announcement of a General Election for June 8th took all of us in Westminster entirely by surprise.

Just a few hours before the PM came out of the door of Downing Street, I had been reflecting on last month’s YouGov polling – noting how seven in ten voters want the Government to deliver on the referendum result and how even the majority of those who voted Remain were not wanting to frustrate the delivery of the expressed will of the British people.

So it is all the more frustrating that there remains a vocal minority, particularly among the political class – and disproportionately represented in the House of Lords which has to give its approval to all the Government’s Brexit-related legislation – which has refused to accept the result.

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Trade Unionists Against EU: New Deal for Britain

Our independence from the EU means our own renewed commitments to full employment, industrial redevelopment, nationalisation of rail and utilities, a resurgence of public services and a communal ethic in favour of the common good can be made more possible.

No neoliberal liked the referendum result, it has shaken their world. Leaving the EU provides a unique opportunity to end austerity, protect our agriculture and fishing industries, cut energy and house rents, rebuild social housing, invest in skills, science research and development. It should involve a return to publicly accountable schools, free higher education and the NHS outside of market forces.

The mood in Britain is to end austerity and rebuild and transform our politics and economy with the engagement and energy of all of our people.

The elite and the media continue to try to divide us between those who voted leave and those who voted remain. As trade unionists we know that once a decision is taken we should unite to make democracy a success.

Those who try to block the referendum decision will be pushed aside, as will those who want to use it to create a bargain basement Britain.

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Leave Means Leave Campaign Update

LEAVEMEANSLEAVEDavid Campbell Bannerman MEP
Board Member, Leave Means Leave

This week, in conjunction with Leave Means Leave, I released a report calling for the UK and the US to forge a quick limited trade deal when Britain leaves the EU, followed by a deeper and more ambitious deal over time.

As our two nations have a historical Special Relationship, and with serious White House support now in evidence, I believe that such a deal is the natural thing to happen and could be agreed in as little as 180 days.

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Tax Justice Network: Banking secrecy is not over in Switzerland

TJNHappy Paniversary!

This week it has been one year since the Panama papers were released, and a number of organisations around the world have been marking the occasion though the global week of action for tax justice.

In London, activists from the TJN and Methodists for Tax Justice held a protest outside the offices of PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Why PwC? Well the auditor has been one of the biggest promoters of tax avoidance schemes for multinationals, as well as having been implicated in a host of other corporate scandals.

From watchdogs to lapdogs

But of course it isn’t just PwC that has been asleep at the wheel whilst the companies they audit crash. A new report out from the Atul Shah of the University of Suffolk Business School looks at the failure of KPMG to warn shareholders of HBOS, a major UK bank, of problems with the company before they collapsed in 2008.

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Taxpayers’ Alliance Campaign Update

tpaThe new tax year means a series of changes to taxes and benefits, and one we are particularly happy to see is the lowering of the benefits cap. This is a policy that began with the TPA when we called for it in our Spending Plan and one we have campaigned for since. Our Research Director Alex Wild spoke about it on BBC Panorama on Wednesday night. You can watch him here (part one) and here (part two).

James Price
Policy Analyst

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The Peoples’ Movement,

A new People’s Movement pamphlet explains how an EU-US trade and investment treaty threatens democracy, would attack workers’ rights, erode social standards and environmental regulations, dilute food safety rules, undermine regulations on the use of toxic chemicals, rubbish digital privacy laws, and strangle developing economies.

people_ie_ttipA copy (356 KB) of the brochure: pamphlet in PDF format is available here.


UKIP Daily: Nigel Farage tells the EU they are behaving like gangsters

Here’s what Nigel had to say…

This video appears courtesy of the RobinHoodUKIP YouTube Channel

Classic Farage, well done. With May’s backsliding on immigration it is high time he returned to his day job backing Brexit in the UK AS A PRIORITY.

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