Labour Leave: The Job Isn’t Done Yet

LabourLeave_150Ed – The boys and girls at Labour Leave have a huge task ahead of them which only they are in a position to do, influence their fellow Labour supporters about the huge damage the EU has done: 

  • in keeping wages down
  • passing Brits jobs over to mass illegal and legal immigration
  • and how the EU elitist corporatocracy intends to subjugate the British workers under ‘deals’ like the detested Transatlantic Trade And Investment Partnership (TTIP)
  • Establishing anti-democratic rule by dictate from Brussels euphemisticaly called the Democratic Deficit
  • The elimination of democracy by treaty is the plan


From: John Mills,
Chair, Labour Leave
Today is the 1st anniversary of the referendum, an historic vote that we still hope will permanently change British politics. We just want to thank you for supporting Labour Leave over the past year and more.

Donate Here Support Brexit

We genuinely think Labour Leave made the critical key difference to the referendum result, helping many Labour supporters know that there were strong traditional Labour voices advocating for our democracy by disengaging from the European Union and charting our own future as a self-governing, independent nation-state.

And by Labour Leave we mean you! 

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Get Britain Out: Happy Independence Day

Dear Friends and Supporters

As Brexit Negotiations Begin, Happy Independence Day!

Against all the odds – the full force of the EU machine, the Westminster bubble, a tide of big banks, naive celebrities and against foreign rulers – we built a Leave movement and we got our country back on this day last year. Happy Independence Day!

The British General Election on June 8th this year saw the Conservatives take the most votes and the most seats, but fall just short of a majority, as explored in our special election roundup last week. Unfortunately, the election also rallied Tory Europhiles – including Chancellor Philip Hammond – who still try and conspire to water down Brexit. They want to throw out the possibility of no deal, leaving us vulnerable to having to accept a bad one. Some in Labour are scheming with the SNP too, to attach wrecking amendments to the Great Repeal Bill, potentially forcing a second referendum on the terms of the Brexit deal.
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Your briefing from BrexitCentral.

BrexitCentralBannerYour Essential Brexit Briefing
Saturday, 24th June 2017

Good Morning,

The response is in to Theresa May’s ‘big, generous offer’ on EU citizens’ rights. made at the European Council meeting in Brussels. Instead of granting British expats in Europe the same offer, Donald Tusk, the President of the Council, said it was ‘below expectations’ and demanded a continuing role for the European Court of Justice in an independent Britain.

Jean-Claude Juncker agrees.

Whilst summit attendees tucked into macerated cherries and almond milk ice cream, Theresa May was permitted to speak for a few short minutes. EU leaders reportedly chewed their dessert in silence. The Express headline this morning,
May stands up to EU bullies, just about sums it up.

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We Need UKIP To Step Up and Campaign Again NOW

Mr Farage

Step Up

Get the Leave alliance moving


Dear Nigel Farage,

Extract your digit.

The time is now and we need you to step up and step into the fray once more. We have to kick into a new Leave campaign to re-state the case

UKIP have been in disarray after two crucial national events the referendum and the lead up to the general election. This is not the time for dithering.

Britain is going to leave the EU ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. But it looks like the EU dictatorship and Elite have energised the UK’s left liberal media and coterie of die-hard Remainers. If we are forced into a second referendum or another general election making the case for Leaving again from a standing start will mean we may lose for another generation or until the Soviet EU breaks up in disorder.


UKIP Supporter

Diane Abbott Was Simply Out Of Her Depth And So Are Labour

ParliamentDiane Abbott’s replacement by Lyn Brown as shadow Home Secretary a day before the general election provides ample evidence that Labour under Jeremy Corbyn are unelectable and the Conservatives were right to call the election to settle matters before the most crucial period in British history for generations.

For the time being the Conservatives are the only party fit to govern and should be elected, however,  the abject decline of talent available to Labour to put up as leaders should be a cause of worry for us all. The Labour party has moved toward the Marxist left reflecting an underlying and disturbing polarisation of society, it has become detached from traditional Labour voters who in many respects and policies are no longer represented and who recognise the danger of a Labour Party victory.

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Weekly update from Leave Means Leave

LEAVEMEANSLEAVERichard Tice & John Longworth

We are less than a week away from the forthcoming general election. The next Government must make a clean Brexit their number one priority. If they don’t, 17.4 million Britons will have been betrayed. With the Brexit negotiations beginning in earnest in just ten days time, it is essential our negotiators believe that no deal is better than a bad deal – and that trading on WTO terms will be just fine.

The new Government must also capitalise on the opportunities of Brexit. Canada announced earlier in the week that they want to prepare a trade deal ready to be implemented on the day after we have left. It is now up to us to ensure this happens.

The OECD announced this week that, “despite Brexit”, London will remain the financial hub of Europe, while UK exports rose by 8.3 per cent and manufacturing exceeded expectations during May. The scaremongering economists who persistently drive Project Fear 2.0 are wrong. Britain is already showing signs of how it shall thrive post-Brexit.

Help us spread the Brexit good news by forwarding this email today.

Kind regards,

Richard Tice & John Longworth

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BrexitCentral briefing Sunday 4th June 2017

BrexitCentralBannerThe UK is waking up to the news of another sickening terrorist attack in London, with seven people killed and many more injured.

The Brexit Election Battleground: Yorkshire and the Humber

Jonathan Isaby looks at the key election battlegrounds in a region dominated by Labour but with strong Leave votes in traditional Labour areas.

Could Labour Brexit backers help the Tories gain Tynemouth and Bishop Auckland?

Darren Grimes visits his home region of the North East to find out if Brexit will have an effect at the ballot box.

Conservative David Davis and Labour’s Keir Starmer are vying to convince voters to back their party on Brexit
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If a General Election is the ultimate test of a country’s democratic health, judging by the BBC’s coverage of the contenders we are well and truly on life support. The seven-way debate held last night in Cambridge, where 74% of voters opted to Remain in the EU, is yet another damning example of the public broadcaster’s institutional bias in favour of left-wing and liberal values that are becoming increasingly alien to the majority of the UK electorate.

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Farage In EU Parliament: “Your attempt to bully the Brits is not working”

Wednesday, 17 May 2017 Written by: Nigel Farage Posted in: 2017, Press releases, Newsroom, May, Nigel Farage, EFDD

nigelfarageThank you. Imagine if you invited a very important guest round for dinner and you made all the preparations and there were some very important, confidential conversations that needed to be had and you thought everything had gone well and yet within hours your guest had told the outside world that you, the host, was deluded, that you were living in a different galaxy. And then all the contents of the conversation were blabbed to an opposition newspaper and to add insult to injury you say that the food wasn’t actually very good either and then a few days later in a display of extreme petulance you even deride the national language of the host, which by the way is looking a bit silly as last saturday’s extravaganza known as the Eurovision song contest saw ninety percent of the songs sung in English.

Video below…

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Labour Leave: Gina Miller is out blocking “extreme Brexit”

LabourLeave_150Brendan Chilton, Labour Leave

Gina Miller has been out on the campaign trying to promote MPs who will block “extreme Brexit”. Now, to you or I, this actually just means Brexit: Britain being an independent nation that sets its own laws, rather than having them handed down from Brussels. But for the Remain ultras, what started as “hard Brexit” is now “extreme Brexit”. Maybe next week it will be ‘world ending Brexit’.

To be clear, what the Remain elite think is extreme is actually the position of the vast majority of the world’s nations – outside the EU, trading on WTO rules, not subject to Brussels rule.


Please support us if you can. The election is now weeks away. Don’t let Remain use big money to overturn your vote.

So in classic Remain and EU style, Miller and co are doing everything they can to overturn a democratic vote. She has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds now, including from Blair and Branson.

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