Routine BBC Brexit Bias Turning It Into a Left Wing Niche Media Channel

Express Headline: EXPOSED: Report CONFIRMS BBC was ‘strongly biased AGAINST Brexit’ in run-up to referendum

A NEW independent report into the BBC’s coverage of the historic week that Article 50 was triggered to leave the EU has concluded that it “was strongly biased against Brexit”.

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Delusional EU Intransigence Means A Snap General Election Is On The Cards

ParliamentWhen Donald Tusk presented the EU’s outline Brexit negotiating position it only added more weight to the post The Stars Align For A Snap General Election.

Just a few of the EU threats issued are that the UK should:

  • not make bilateral treaties trade or otherwise with other EU members
  • not make trade ageeements outside the EU Bloc
  • pay £50 billion divorce settlement demand without consultation or as it turns out any legal basis
  • Comply with all EU regulation post Brexit
  • Comply with the four freedoms if we want to keep access to the shrinking, over-regulated and dysfunctional single market

It has become so obvious the EU line that ‘we do not want to punish Britain’ is not true, they want to dictate terms to us. They want to corral the UK in a delusional fantasy while Juncker, Tusk and Merkel carve slices off our economy and reduce us to begging to go back in to the EU. Well Mr Tusk that is not going to happen.

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Amazing BBC Pro-EU Bias Rebuttal: “A truly balanced view from the BBC: don’t blame us for Brexit”

imagesIn one of the most galling sections of his article, BBC Director of News and Current Affairs Mr Harding supplies a list of high profile pro-EU leaders and authorities the BBC quoted from and promoted extensively during the referendum. They represent the very elitists who people voted against.

The BBC, at the head of the corporatist and liberal left mass media cabal, produced a shamelessly pro-EU biased  propaganda campaign. People voted to leave in spite of this. The BBC and the list of pro-EU institutions Mr Harding’s news teams quoted from have lost credibility AND their scaremongering claims have proven untrue.

The BBC has revealed its editorial position and established itself as a left wing Liberal propaganda service and the people know it.
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