Theresa May Has Started a War Without A UN Mandate Or In Defense Of The Realm



The Chilcott enquiry should have been the pre-cursor to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and others being prosecuted as war criminals. The whole case broke down because the UK Parliament voted not to go ahead with the case.

“Labour MPs turned out in force on Wednesday to help defeat a parliamentary motion calling for Tony Blair to be held to account for allegedly misleading parliament over the Iraq war by 439 votes to 70, after a sometimes angry debate.” – The Guardian, 30th Nov 2016

Its the same in the US. Despite all the evidence indicating the Bush administration at the time and the present Trump administration were and are acting outside International law means our systems of government have broken down. The executives of Britain, France and the US have become detached from democratic accountability.

The attack on Syria was a brazen show of contempt for the ability of our national and international court systems to take action. Indeed our governments appear to have stepped outside the rule of law. Presuming guilt before the evidence can prove it is so.

The failure to prosecute the Blair and Bush governments for war crimes has emboldened the political and military leadership responsible to believe they can do anything they want without reaction or consequence.

In Britain’s case our MP’s are demonstrably no longer defending the rule of law and holding our government to account therefore the people must democraticaly get rid of them at the first available opportunity. The elites in all main political parties in all countries seem to have created some sort of club which is operating policies independent and against the interests of the people who elected them. This has to stop

I am recommending that Conservative and Labour voters seek out alternatives. I have chosen the following parties as a realistic means of doing just that. As Anne-Marie Waters of the For Britain party states “you cannot reform them we the people have to get rid of them.”

This is a fight for democracy and the rule of law please consider joining it for the sake of future generations.

The Democrats and Veterans Party dandv_logo_150
The For Britain Party FB_Profile-MarkLogo_150
The National Health Action Party

Project Syndicate: Inconvenient Truths About Migration

Ed – The fact that this article appeared on the Project Syndicate website at all is a major surprise as it is a well known bastion of the Liberal politicaly correct elite. Enjoy it because another outbreak of common sense may not occur for a very long time.


Standard economic theory says that net inward migration, like free trade, benefits the native population after a lag. But recent research has poked large holes in that argument, while the social and political consequences of open national borders similarly suggest the appropriateness of immigration limits.

LONDON – Sociology, anthropology, and history have been making large inroads into the debate on immigration. It seems that Homo economicus, who lives for bread alone, has given way to someone for whom a sense of belonging is at least as important as eating.

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The Spectator: Will UKIP survive as an anti-Islam party?

PEGIDAAnneMarieWatersEd – I have met and spoken with Anne Marie Waters, she is a thoughtful and principled woman. Some accounts of who she is and what she stands for in the media are so far off the mark you would think it was another person they were talking about. Pre-disposing the general public to dislike what she has to say is the purpose of bias and propaganda and the Mainstream media with the left liberal BBC at the helm is full of it. What are they afraid of?

In this article you can see a microcosm of Politicians and Media happily making statements based on years of media conditioning where not once are Anne Marie’s views on Islam sought. The debate is starting and it is about time. You can be better informed than the mass media by visiting


The Spectator: Will Ukip survive as an anti-Islam party?

thespectatorWritten By, , Spectator
The decision to allow Anne Marie Waters – co-founder of anti-Islam group Pegida UK alongside former EDL leader Tommy Robinson – to stand for leadership of Ukip has created fresh fractures within a party that is preparing for its third leadership contest in a turbulent twelve months.

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Is Germany creating an EU army through the back door?

euarmyPeople’s News, Ireland

While the debate about a common EU army continues in Brussels, such a force is being incrementally put in place, in a good example of EU “competence creep” But Germanyڈs recent defence white paper revealed its own ambition to lead a pan-European force. “German security policy has relevance— also far beyond our country,” the paper states “Germany is willing to join early, decisively and substantially as a driving force in international debates ; to take responsibility and assumE leadership.

The paper argues that the EU’s arms industry is at present “organised nationally and seriously fragmented,”raising costs, preventing it from competing internationally, and making it difficult to mount joint operationsڅ“It is therefore necessary,”the paper states, “that military capabilities are jointly planned, developed, managed, procured and deployed to raise the interoperability of Europe’s defence forces and to further improve Europe’s capacity to act”

At the EU level, Germany’s ministry of defence wants to see joint civil-military headquarters for EU operations, a council of defence ministers, and the co-ordinated production and sharing of military equipment. The thrust of the paper displays a new-found confidence in German defence policy, and a new drive to take the lead on military matters within Europe.

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Irish Activists Appeal For Awareness Campaign Against ‘…alarmingly rapid development of an EU army’

wwwpeopleieThis issue of People’s News

This issue of People’s News has an unusual number of articles on military matters, and regular readers will have noticed that over the past few months these types of articles have steadily increased in number. This reflects the alarmingly rapid development of an EU army and its support mechanisms. It is a development about which there is very little awareness in Ireland, and one that may have serious implications for us all.

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The current edition of People’s News, dated 11 June 2017, is available for download here (985 KB).



EU Remain Stooges Heseltine and Carney Calculate This Is The Time To Put The Boot In

Express Get Us Out KNIGHTThe EU Fearmongers are back with a vengeance

Express Headline: UK is being ‘humiliated’ Remoaning Heseltine’s raging Newsnight rant – Hard Brexit is dead

LORD Heseltine believes Britain is being humiliated as he claimed the European Union won the opening shot of Brexit negotiations.

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EU’s Baseless Parasitic Cash Demands On UK Should Not Be Tolerated

Express Get Us Out KNIGHTExpress Headline: ‘We should pay NOTHING to leave EU!’ Ukip chief rubbishes plans for Brexit divorce bill

UKIP deputy chair Suzanne Evans has hit back at reports of a huge Brexit bill and declared Britain should pay nothing to leave the Brussels bloc.

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Germany’s £85 Billion Spat With EU Negotiators

know_titanic_cartoonExpress Headline: Brussels V Germany: EU Brexit negotiator warns Merkel’s £85bn demand could COLLAPSE talks

THE EU’s chief Brexit negotiator fears Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron could cause divorce talks to collapse.

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Ed – The EU’s spending program: delusional, idiotic, wasteful and for 20 years and counting not fully accounted for,  will have to be cut when the UK leaves. The penny, or cent, has dropped in the German Chancellery. Bully boy statements from the EU, French and German political classes are showing the EU’s true dictatorial nature. Other EU states are watching ‘the treatment’ and drawing their own concusions about the methods soon to be used on them.

Routine BBC Brexit Bias Turning It Into a Left Wing Niche Media Channel

Express Headline: EXPOSED: Report CONFIRMS BBC was ‘strongly biased AGAINST Brexit’ in run-up to referendum

A NEW independent report into the BBC’s coverage of the historic week that Article 50 was triggered to leave the EU has concluded that it “was strongly biased against Brexit”.

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