Global Research: All Power to the Banks! The Winners-Take-All Regime of Emmanuel Macron

By Diana Johnstone, Global Research, May 21, 2017, Region: Theme:

A ghost of the past was the real winner of the French presidential election. Emmanuel Macron won only because a majority felt they had to vote against the ghost of “fascism” allegedly embodied by his opponent, Marine Le Pen.  Whether out of panic or out of the need to feel respectable, the French voted two to one in favor of a man whose program most of them either ignored or disliked.  Now they are stuck with him for five years.

If people had voted on the issues, the majority would never have elected a man representing the trans-Atlantic elite totally committed to “globalization”, using whatever is left of the power of national governments to weaken them still further, turning over decision-making to “the markets” – that is, to international capital, managed by the major banks and financial institutions, notably those located in the United States, such as Goldman-Sachs.

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Ireland: Questions Emerging Over Who And What The EU Really Is

irishflagExpress Headline: ‘You’re meant to be OUR leaders!’ Irish voters want Dublin to be tougher with EU on Brexit

IRISH voters want their country’s government to pursue a much tougher line with Brussels over its harsh negotiating stance towards Britain, it emerged today.

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Germany’s £85 Billion Spat With EU Negotiators

know_titanic_cartoonExpress Headline: Brussels V Germany: EU Brexit negotiator warns Merkel’s £85bn demand could COLLAPSE talks

THE EU’s chief Brexit negotiator fears Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron could cause divorce talks to collapse.

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Ed – The EU’s spending program: delusional, idiotic, wasteful and for 20 years and counting not fully accounted for,  will have to be cut when the UK leaves. The penny, or cent, has dropped in the German Chancellery. Bully boy statements from the EU, French and German political classes are showing the EU’s true dictatorial nature. Other EU states are watching ‘the treatment’ and drawing their own concusions about the methods soon to be used on them.

Brexit – Is Germany Dictating to Britain the After-Brexit Rules?

By Peter Koenig, Global Research, May 07, 2017

Region: Theme: ,

“German government officials have  proposed giving Britain access to the European Union’s single market in return for a fee, …

The 35-page report on the potential costs of Brexit to Germany said Britain’s departure from the EU risked “serious economic and stability relevant consequences; effects in particular on the real economy.” The ministry officials calculated Berlin would have to pay an additional 4.5 billion euros ($5 billion) a year into EU coffers as a result of Britain’s departure from the bloc. To mitigate the cost, they floated the idea of charging Britain for access to the single market. 

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Due To Brexit The EU Elite And Gravy Train Are At Last Getting The Scrutiny They Deserve

Junker_DictatorJuncker, Verhofstadt, Barnier and the EU political class are in a very difficult position. Europeans young and old are actually paying close attention to what EUrocrats say and do in their name.

The sheer arrogance of their unsubstantiated, unenforceable claim for a £92 Billion EU exit fee has made Mr and Mrs UK determined to face them down through the ballot box.

Even our own Remainers recognise that the democratic chain of accountability has been broken. Juncker and the commission are literally out of control. Juncker travels around EU states insulting us, making false and inflammatory statements for the European media’s benefit secure in the knowledge he cannot be sacked for his incompetence and bad behaviour.

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The Bruges Group: Can Brexit be a success?

By thebrugesgroup_150Tuesday, 02 May 2017,

“…When the EU speaks of success it therefore means being under Brussels’ authority. As Barnier pointed out quite well. The more a country is tangled in EU regulations and directions the more the success. Or in other words, the less freedom countries have to govern themselves and make their own decisions to protect their national interests the better. Not better for the countries themselves but better for the EU.

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The Irish Times: The Luxembourg Leaks Scandal

eu_corruptionLux Leaks

A six month investigation by the Irish Times as part of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists* has lifted the lid on how multinational companies – including Irish companies like Glanbia and Sisk – have been using Luxembourg and Irish tax loopholes to save millions in tax. We have been working with 80 journalists from 26 countries going through more than 28,000 pages of documents.

Read the results here.

Ed – Juncker was Prime Minister when Luxembourg set up ‘favourable tax arrangements’ with multi-national corporations. Read a BBC account of the UNJUST outcome here – ” LuxLeaks scandal: Luxembourg tax whistleblowers convicted.

If that doesn’t make your blood boil this Guardian report will “Jean-Claude Juncker blocked EU curbs on tax avoidance, cables show” it demonstrates the EU’s sleezy approach to public accountability and what we as a nation have mercifully decided to leave behind.

* The ICIJ report on “The Panama Papers” is another scandal with EU and UK ramifications which touched our then PM David Cameron.

Labour Leave Video: “watch how billionaires plan to veto your vote”

LabourLeave_150Brendan Chilton, Labour Leave

Labour Leave today launches a new video on Remainers’ latest attempt to block Brexit.

Gina Miller has raised £300,000 to support candidates with “principles” who want a “final vote on the deal” – or, as everyone understands in plain English, she has raised £300k to back candidates who will block Brexit.

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Weekly update from Leave Means Leave

LEAVEMEANSLEAVERichard Tice & John Longworth

This week Michel Barnier said that we would have to pay into the EU fat cats’ pockets, as he unconvincingly announced that the UK’s ‘divorce bill’ has risen from £50billion to £92billion.

The British bulldog spirit will overcome the EU’s usual bullying tactics. We welcome the Prime Minister’s robust position ahead of negotiations. If the EU isn’t willing to act responsibly, Britain can walk away from the table at any point. Part of our role at Leave Means Leave with all our supporters must be to give confidence to business people and the wider population that no deal is better than a bad deal and that WTO is absolutely fine as a base case scenario.

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