Douglas Carswell’s Resignation Stocktake

Happy Days

Ed – I remember handing Douglas a copy of UKIP Braintree’s Liberty Press as he was standing with Nigel Farage on the pavement outside Parliament at a protest against the European Arrest Warrant. Diane James close by. The boost UKIP got from DC joining us gave the whole party priceless credibility, hope and momentum at a crucial time. Thank you.


Douglas Carswell,

It has been an extraordinary achievement. UKIP, my party, which was founded in 1993 in order to get Britain out of the European Union, has now achieved what we were established to do.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister is going to trigger Article 50, beginning the formal process of withdrawing our country from the EU. By April 2019, Britain will no longer be a member of the EU. After twenty-four years, we have done it. Brexit is in good hands.

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RT: White House meeting with Trump was catastrophic for Merkel

serveimageBy John Lee, political editor and columnist at the Mail on Sunday (Ireland edition), Published RT.COM

“Angela Merkel was portrayed by the world media as a put upon woman, a victim of the slights of a misogynist. But she is a mature and substantial politician in her own right. She will know that she came away from this summit with nothing. She is the kind of consensus, liberal politician that Trump holds in the greatest contempt. And she has the most to fear.”

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Why this trade unionist is excited about leaving the EU and the suffocating mechanisms of the single market

tu-logo-bw-150by Fawzi Ibrahim, Trade Unionists Against The EU

Never before had the British people given such a clear instruction to the government to pursue a specific course of action as they did on 23rd June. The government had no choice but to heed this unequivocal instruction to leave the EU – a clean break and not some half-way house, a fake Brexit in which we remain subservient to the EU’s core institutions including the single market and its equally controlling customs union.

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Rt Hon the Lord Lamont of Lerwick’s speech to Leave Means Leave – 06.03.17

Leave Means Leave Speech: Date: 07 03 2017


FULL TRANSCRIPT: Rt Hon the Lord Lamont of Lerwick’s speech to Leave Means Leave – 06.03.17


The referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU was one of the greatest exercises in democracy that this country has ever seen – the result was clear, the question was simple and unambiguous, and yet Brexit is under attack on several fronts.

Some say maybe in the future the British people will change their minds. By that they mean, they would like to change their minds for them…

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Rise up against the European Arrest Warrant

BOO_150By Rory Broomfield, Director of the Better Off Out campaign:

The case of Alexander Adamescu shows some of the deep seated problems with the European Arrest Warrant.

Alexander, a German citizen living in London with his partner and children, is under the spectre of the EAW served on the request of the Romanian government.

Earlier this week, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Steven Woolfe MEP and Professor Tim Evans appeared in Parliament alongside Alexander at an event run by Conservatives for Liberty. At this event, all illustrated the horror that Alexander and his family has been subjected to because of this legal instrument.

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The True Consequences Of Betrayal At Lisbon By Brown

975154641_579cc8713fExpress Headline: EU could STOP Brexit as Lords ‘stalling would lead to new Lisbon Treaty rules kicking in’

THE UK could be stuck in the EU with its democratic vote being wiped out over stalling on the triggering of Article 50 as rules previously agreed by Gordon Brown in 2007 become law on March 31.

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Sunday Best: News and views from The Freedom Association

ParliamentBy Simon Richards, The Freedom Association

It’s Theresa time!

Throughout the EU, established parties and politicians are under threat from upstart populist parties. Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement has already claimed the scalp of Brussels’s pin-up boy, Matteo Renzi, in Italy. Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen and Germany’s AFD all have high hopes for election success this year. In the USA, Donald Trump swept aside the old Republican Party order on his way to the White House.

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Blair and Mandleson’s Monumental Arrogance Demonstrates Forces At Work Against Us When They Were In Power

peopleVseliteAfter the long, tortuous and at times politically delayed Chilcot enquiry Blair and Mandelson have decided that their ‘mistakes’ on Iraq and deliberate mass immigration have drifted far enough into the past for them to make more mistakes with gusto on Brexit.

These are dangerous men who for many do not warrant anything other than to reflect on the damage and loss of life they have caused in a prison cell. Through their ‘mistaken’ actions and those of others who consider themselves the global elite they have ruined the lives of millions of working men and women and fully intend to ruin the lives of millions more with globalist madness.

Now they declare we are a pack of idiots incapable of understanding Brexit issues and want us to stay in a vindictive EU club which seeks to eliminate democracy from once proud European nation states and to join a now collapsing Euro currency

Messrs Blair and Mandleson you are opposed. The men and women of Britain are not so ignorant as you arrogantly tell it. They see you for what you are and wonder how it is possible for you to remain free men. I hope at some stage your freedom will be curtailed in a criminal court of law.



Citizens withdraw £2.1bn from banks in 45 DAYS amid default fears

GREEK citizens have taken more than £2billion out of their bank accounts in just 45 days as they fear the economy is set to crash.

By Siobhan McFadyen.

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Express: ‘We’re powerless’ EU says it can’t make states adopt CETA and Wallonia could sink it AGAIN

Ed – The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is a free-trade agreement between Canada and the European Union.


BRUSSELS today admitted it cannot force member states to adopt its landmark trade pact with Canada as the tiny Belgian region of Wallonia threatened to try and scupper the deal for a second time.

By Nick Gutteridge in Brussels

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