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Daily Mail: Ten days to save Brexit: Theresa May will spend today desperately trying to persuade DUP and her own Cabinet to resurrect EU deal after Unionists killed plan to sacrifice Northern Ireland with one phone call

Ten days to save Brexit: Theresa May will spend today desperately trying to persuade DUP and her own Cabinet to resurrect EU deal after Unionists killed plan to sacrifice Northern Ireland with one phone call

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Energy: The Rise Of The Micro Grids

A few years ago I had a conversation with a sceptic about the centralised power production.. They were unable to visualize a time when householders would generate and regulate power production literally in-house. The prospect of leaving trillions of dollars of fossil fuels in the ground has given big oil and coal industry the willies for decades. Whole swathes of industry will be rendered progressively obsolete. Transporting and burning the billions of tons of material it takes to power mankind will cease. What then? With the advent of robots clever enough to do the jobs that remain what happens to the idling humans?


Moneyweek: Electric cars are just the start – our entire energy infrastructure is being disrupted

Man fitting solar panels © Getty Images
The real game-changer for battery technology is renewable energy

When people get excited about battery technology, it’s usually in connection with electric vehicles.

And it is all very exciting. Shell has introduced electric charging points at various petrol stations in London, Surrey and Derby, which allow electric car drivers to recharge about 80% of their battery in half an hour. It’s a small start, but it is a start.

But there’s another big battery-driven shift going on. And it’s one that could have even bigger consequences than the move towards electric cars…

The rise of the micro-grid

Renewable energy keeps getting cheaper. Solar panels in particular keep getting less expensive and more efficient. It was the fastest-growing form of power generation last year, in terms of capacity added to grids around the world.

The International Energy Agency reckons that solar will continue to dominate future growth. According to IEA executive director Dr Fatih Birol, solar photovoltaic capacity growth “will be higher than any other renewable technology up to 2022”, according to The Guardian.

In sunnier climes, solar energy is already having a huge impact on the economics of electricity production. In the US, for example, wholesale electricity prices will sometimes go negative because of excess generation (too much sun, not enough energy consumption), which means generators in one state are effectively having to pay others to take their overspilll.

That points to the big problem with renewable energy – finding somewhere to keep it. Coal – you can burn that to harvest the energy when you like. Nuclear you can switch on and off. But solar power works when the sun is shining. Wind works when it’s windy.

In other words, you can’t just switch them on and off. You need a middle stage where you can collect the energy and then release it again when you need it.

There are two obvious solutions. One is storage. We’re now getting to the stage where we now have batteries for individual homes. Tesla’s Powerwall is probably the best known, although there’s also a big German manufacturer, Sonnen, and various other providers.

In the US, reports The Wall Street Journal, one property developer – Mandalay Homes – now plans to build estates of ultra energy-efficient homes that come with batteries installed. The idea is to create a “virtual power plant for demand response”.

What does that mean? You’re effectively creating your own little micro-grid, that can take the strain off the main grid by accommodating any spikes in demand.

And this isn’t just happening in the sunny parts of the US. In Japan – spurred partly by the 2011 Fukushima disaster – towns and cities are aiming to become at least partly self-sufficient via the use of microgrids.

As Reuters reports, one city in northern Japan – Higashi Matsushima – has used reconstruction funding to build “decentralised renewable power generation to create a self-sustaining system capable of producing an average of 25% of its electricity without the need of the region’s local power utility”.

The idea is partly to have decent back-up power systems to prevent a repeat of the blackouts that followed Fukushima. But it’s spreading across Japan.

Demand management and smart energy systems

As well as the generation side – fitting renewables into the wider grid and being more generally self-reliant in smaller communities – there’s the consumption side.

Consumption is all about “smart” grids and demand management of energy systems. Basically, this involves enabling all of the devices connected to a grid to talk to each other, and direct and use electricity more effectively. This helps to avoid consumption spikes and makes more sensible use of energy at peak times.

So your various devices would know when was the best time to do the dishwashing, say, or to heat (or cool) the house to a given temperature.

Professor Takao Kashiwagi, who is the head of Japan’s New Energy Promotion Council, tells Reuters that the days of big power plants are numbered. “Instead, we will have distributed power systems, where small power supply systems are in place near the consumption areas.”

It’s all very exciting. Who wouldn’t want a more efficient energy system, ideally powered by a clean and virtually limitless energy source? It could be far more revolutionary than anything we’ve seen so far, including the internet.

And clearly there are huge implications for many sectors here – the potential beneficiaries range from battery manufacturers to the miners of ‘battery’ metals to energy efficient builders to companies involved in the ‘internet of things’.

On the other hand, the “disruptees” – in this case, the utility companies – could have a very interesting challenge on their hands. Particularly as they’ve been seen as dull, reliable stocks for a very long time.

We’ll be looking at how to profit from this in an upcoming issue of MoneyWeek magazine – if you’re not already a subscriber, sign up here.

Descent Into Treason – The Last Post

TMSack May and Hammond

They have sold the people out.

Taxpayers pay the extortion/divorce bill – EU banks and corporations reap the profits – UK Sovereignty and democracy sold down the river to EU Dictators. This is treachery.

Now we know what May meant by “Brexit means Brexit”

 Brexit in name only and betrayal.

It is becoming increasingly obvious the Conservative Brexit Plan was to get out in front of the Leave movement with the likes of Boris Johnson and the ‘take back control’ crew then mislead it back into the Dictatorial EU fold with Hammond and May in the vanguard.

Like many who supported UKIP in the past I cannot see any future for the Party without the radical, campaigning Farage at its helm. Farage made the terrible mistake of agreeing to resign the leadership at the behest of the then party chairman Steve Crowther and his poor thinking immediately after the referendum. It was too soon and led to the tragic and now terminal decline of the party.

We tried to warn the country, young and old, that our nations sovereignty, freedom and democracy were at stake. We nearly succeeded but the actions of Farage, May, Hammond and Johnson have compounded the treachery of McMillan, Heath, Wilson, Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron.

The next generation will it seems have to sacrifice on a terrible scale in the not too distant future, to learn the hard lessons of the past, and to regain the freedoms so easily spirited away by traitors to foreign powers over generations without the consent of the British People.

The descent into Treason

“Clause 49 states that there will be regulatory alignment across the whole of the UK economy for an unspecified period. This would mean that Britain would be unable to adjust its laws and negotiate trade deals with the rest of the world, which are important economic benefits of Brexit. Albeit this is related to the Irish question, it could easily be a Trojan horse for a neverendum and would result in the UK having a deal worse than that of Norway. –  Leave Means Leave

The Whole Objective Of EU Negotiating Position Is Delay and Defeat of Brexit

Its Time To Walk Away From A Bad “Deal”


  • Current Impasse should surprise no-one
  • British law should be sovereign in Britain. For Davis to even consider Barnier’s demand for ECJ primacy over Westminster, in any case, should be dismissed out of hand. Its an outrage.
  • Building delay and obfuscation into negotiations is the whole point of the EU position. It is a classic EU tactic based on the principle if you cannot get what you want now some pliant idiots will come along later, years later,  and can be corrupted into giving in. Hence the Blair, Cable, Soros, Branson, Corporatist(Hammond) and Banker Carney’s  Remain position
  • The anti-democratic nature of the EU makes Juncker and the EU ‘team’ unsackable, ideologically driven and arrogant.
  • Sadly Prime Minister May and her carefully selected Remain clique in cabinet are too close to the EU elite. They need to obtain an objective detachment from the EU’s institutions. That is being kind. You could be unkind and say she and Hammond are working for the EU and not the British people and they seek delay and obfuscation too on behalf of big business.
  • Many believe British sovereignty has been kidnapped by pre-meditated EU deceit and that May and her cabinet have the mentality of a kidnap victim assuming sympathy and alignment with its captors. A well understood kidnapping syndrome
  • The EU Commission is a proxy for Franco-German policy making and overlordship over EU states

For Juncker’s “Miracles” Read UK’s Capitulation and Total Obedience

Walk Away From EU Takeover May!


Express Headline: UK needs ‘a MIRACLE!’ Juncker issues brutal Brexit slapdown on progress of talks

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker has warned Britain will need “miracles” if it wants to start discussing future relations with the EU next month.

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The Bruges Group: Signalling a post-Brexit industrial strategy

Supporting Bombardier – Putting employment in Britain at the heart of economic policy.

We are determined that Brexit, if when it eventually happens in earnest, delivers the change we need. One of these new approaches can be in defending British industry, along with its jobs and innovation from unfair actions. But why wait for Brexit? It can begin now!

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Brexit Central Publish Article On UK Irish Post Brexit Relationship

All sides have a strong mutual interest in ensuring a low-friction Irish border after Brexit

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The EU Don’t Like Doing It In Public: Sneaky Stealth and Arrogant Extortion Is Their Preferred Option

PN-172_2The Brussels Commission, EUrocrats and negotiators find it difficult to have their methods, views, techniques and prejudices arrayed for the whole world to see. All their secret schemes, quietly nurtured in committtee rooms populated by carefully selected EU-phile politicians over the EU’s lifetime up for public discussion is not their preference, but here we are.

The British have forced the EU’s hidden agenda for a militarised EU Superstate governed by a Soviet style commission beyond the reach of democracy into full public view and they hate it.

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Berlin, Moscow Now Brussels – Poland has been here before

Ed – Poland and Hungary have been vassals of a dictatorial state before, NAZI Germany and The Soviet Union. During these times they were oppressed struggling to assert their national identity throughout years of occupation. They had to follow policy laid down for them in Berlin and then Moscow. Now they are subject to dictate from Brussels. They have been here before.


polexitExpress Headline: Could Poland bring down the EU? Conflict between Brussels and Warsaw rages on

POLAND’s future in the European Union was looking increasingly uncertain today as the conflict between Warsaw and Brussels continued to escalate. But is Poland determined enough to destabilise the economic bloc?

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Brits Want A Clean Departure From The EU

goingglobalExpress Headline: BOMBSHELL POLL: Seven in 10 Britons now support hard Brexit according to major survey

SEVEN in 10 Britons now support Theresa May’s plans for a hard Brexit which includes leaving the Single Market and taking back control of immigration, a bombshell poll finds today.

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