Berlin, Moscow Now Brussels – Poland has been here before

Ed – Poland and Hungary have been vassals of a dictatorial state before, NAZI Germany and The Soviet Union. During these times they were oppressed struggling to assert their national identity throughout years of occupation. They had to follow policy laid down for them in Berlin and then Moscow. Now they are subject to dictate from Brussels. They have been here before.


polexitExpress Headline: Could Poland bring down the EU? Conflict between Brussels and Warsaw rages on

POLAND’s future in the European Union was looking increasingly uncertain today as the conflict between Warsaw and Brussels continued to escalate. But is Poland determined enough to destabilise the economic bloc?

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Brits Want A Clean Departure From The EU

goingglobalExpress Headline: BOMBSHELL POLL: Seven in 10 Britons now support hard Brexit according to major survey

SEVEN in 10 Britons now support Theresa May’s plans for a hard Brexit which includes leaving the Single Market and taking back control of immigration, a bombshell poll finds today.

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Ireland’s Leo Varadkar Should Learn His Subject Before Lecturing On It

TheBrugeGroupIRExit_150The Lord Stoddart of Swindon (independent Labour), 8th August 2017 Twitter: #lordstoddart

Comments from leader of “EU minnow country” go down badly with Brexit peer Lord Stoddart of Swindon

The independent Labour Peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon has taken the new Prime Minister of the Irish Republic, Leo Varadkar to task about his contribution to the ongoing debate over Brexit and advised the “stripling leader of a mini-state” to “learn his trade” before presuming to lecture the United Kingdom.

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Elitist Remainer Rearguard Still Determined To Derail Democracy

Express Get Us Out KNIGHTExpress Headline: Rees-Mogg FURIOUS at Starmer on Brexit: ‘Metropolitan elite are REJECTING the referendum’

LABOUR’S Brexit secretary Keir Starmer will lead a group of soft-Brexit MPs in a bid to force a vote on keeping Britain in the European Economic Area for a “transitional” period after leaving the EU.

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38 Degrees Petition: Help save Braintree Town FC

To: Braintree District Council, James Cleverley MP, Department for Sport Media and Culture

Help save Braintree Town FC

by Daniel Cook
Help save Braintree Town FC

To Help save Braintree Town FC from closure

Why is this important?

Braintree Town FC has been in dialogue with Braintree District Council for nearly 10 years on relocating to a new stadium. With planning applications refused and a new community stadium removed from the local plan, the club has so far been unable to garner support from the local authority for relocation.

Recently the council have released the proposals for the next local plan for housing developments this includes land owned by the council adjacent to the Ironmongery Direct Stadium. This land is currently leased to the football club by the council with the lease due to expire in 2022. The land is currently used as a training pitch used by the first and reserve teams, and also the car park for users of the stadium and social club.
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Breitbart UK: EU Migrant Policy in Disarray As Court Rules Migrants Can Be Returned to Struggling Border States

EU flag burnby Jack Montgomery, Breitbart,  27 Jul 2017

The Court of Justice of the European Union has rejected the advice of one of its own Advocates-General to rule that migrants can be sent back to the bloc’s border states from the interior, effectively overturning the “open door” policy ushered in by Germany’s Angela Merkel in 2015.

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Read also: Crackdown on Migrants in Milan After Police Stabbing, Rise in Criminality

Italian police detained several dozen people Wednesday outside Milan’s main train station as the city deals with a new wave of migrants.

Microchipping Humans Has Begun In US and Sweden

Ed – Reducing workers to the status of tracked animals has long been the stuff of Orwellian nightmares. The ultimate power of the state, seamlessly applied through a powerfull corporatocracy, subjugating and demeaning the individual to the unquestioned will of the system’s controllers is an evil we simply cannot allow. This practice should be banned through legislation.

The NAZI’s tattood numbers on to the arms of death camp inmates. The technology now exists to track and record our every movement and action. It is up to us as to excercise deocratic control over the state to prevent this.

Telegraph Headline: US technology firm to implant 50 employees with identification microchips

Peer welcomes Repeal Bill but laments ‘costly’ year long delay

ParliamentThe Lord Stoddart of Swindon (independent Labour)                                                                                          

13th July 2017

The independent Labour Peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon has welcomed the Government’s Repeal Bill but laments that it is “a year late”.

Lord Stoddart said: “I welcome the Government’s Repeal Bill and I sincerely hope that Parliament will now do its duty by the people and pass it through the House of Commons unimpeded.

”It is a great pity that the Bill is a year late as I was advocating that it should happen soon after the referendum result.  The intervening year has been costly because it has allowed unpatriotic and anti-democratic Remain politicians to re-group and begin a determined campaign against Brexit.  The delay has also given us an unwanted and unnecessary General Election, the result of which has been irresponsibly used by Remainers to further their dangerous campaign against the will of the people.

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UKIP’s Anne Marie Waters Is Anything But Far Right

PEGIDAAnneMarieWatersThe Huffington Post has got it wrong about Anne Marie Waters being far right but they do provide an accurate description of a party dead in the water caused by the premature departure of Nigel Farage and the devastating self harm under Nuttall’s reluctant, ineffectual leadership – who can forget the Tweed revolution in Stoke – now the indiscipline of fixing and backstabbing going on in the higher ranks of the (and I hesitate to use the term) party.


Huff Post Headline: Ukip MEPs Hold Secret Meeting To Discuss How To Block Anti-Islam Candidate From Leadership Contest

Anne Marie Waters is a controversial figure in the party

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