The Stars Align For A Snap General Election

ParliamentIt’s not complicated

The Issues:

  • There is a misalignment between the will of the majority of the UK’s people to leave the EU, and the actions of a few of its Westminster Parliament MPs who are acting against them.
  • The election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader indicates the Labour Party has taken a Quixotic turn to the far left, tilting at ideological windmills with no hope of becoming the next government. They should more properly be called London Labour.
  • London Labour have failed the UK’s middle and working classes by amongst other things: sowing the seeds of the NHS’s destruction through ruinous policies such as Blair’s private finance initiatives and following a secret policy of unsustainable mass immigration resulting in many former Labour voters turning against them.
  • The rise of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP after the first Scottish referendum came from a combination of: Scottish Labour voter’s disconnect with the London Labour party; the delusional but highly emotive SNP message of glorious independence based on oil revenues; the SNP’s magical ability to retain industry and business then attract more – even while major financial institutions were planning to move south if the Scots had said yes to Independence.
  • The SNP’s reckless independence drive, careless of the economic and social consequences has opened the eyes of all UK residents, Scots included, to their grasping fringe politics.
  • The Conservatives have been taking flak from some of their own MPs who have formed a cross-party alliance of anti-democratic Remainers against the Government with Lib-Dems, SNP and Labour rebels. It would be a good opportunity for May to de-select all Conservative Remainers and allow the electorate to do the same to the Remainer MPs in other parties.

Solution: Snap General Election

It has become clear to English, Welsh, Scots and many Northern Irish that just about the only UK party fit to govern the UK is the Conservative party. A snap election would return them to power with an increased majority more accurately reflecting the peoples’ will. To make the UK an independent, sovereign and democratic state once more.


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The Brexit Referendum Was Only The First Battle – Sturgeon’s Reckless Pursuit Of Power Is Just One More And Should Be Put In Context

The SNP are going for the very traditional tactic of creating a ‘foreign’ threat in order to divert attention from problems they have created in their own local economy. The collapse in oil prices has laid waste the SNP’s dodgy financial logic and the first referendum claim of economic benefits. Few UK citizens outside Scotland are aware of the difficulties the SNP have created with their tax and spend policies no longer supported by their fantasy oil revenue estimates. Read Scottish deficit grows to nearly £15bn as oil revenues collapse to find out more. Independence at any price is the SNP goal, even the destruction of the Scottish economy and way of life. Sturgeon has thrown the dice, careless of the consequences.

Sturgeon realises there is a small window of chance the referendum mayhem she is spinnining is a better option for Scottish Independence than waiting for the consequences of the SNP’s policies: festering debts, high taxation and unemployment to turn the Scottish electorate against them and bounce them out of power.


BrexitAheadExpress Headline:  ‘It’s deeply UNDEMOCRATIC’ George Galloway scolds Nicola Sturgeon over Scottish referendum

GEORGE GALLOWAY has joined a host of critics berating Nicola Sturgeon over her announcement to call a second Scottish independence referendum.

By Ajay Nair,


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Lords Try To Insert Delay And Mischief Into The Brexit Process

ParliamentCry havoc and let loose the dogs of Democracy

Michael Heseltine was sacked after voting against the Government in the Lords. It is a sign of things to come. Some very clever and devious supporters of the defeated Remain campaign have not given up trying to derail the Peoples’ democratic choice to leave the EU.

Heseltine, Blair, Mandelson, Kenneth Clarke, John Major are at the heart of an EU-phile, cross party consensus operating in Westminster for years transferring our Nation’s sovereignty and democracy to a bunch of sinister anti-democratic Eurocrats in Brussels.

The next Article 50 vote in the commons should strip out these mischief making Lord’s amendments. The Conservatives should make the vote a confidence vote. Should any Conservatives rebel resulting in a Government defeat, they should be de-selected in a snap general election.

If we fail to invoke Article 50 by the end of March 2017 Lisbon treaty terms kick in and the UK will be subject to QMV voting. Unable to leave without the consent of the majority of the EU’ s nations. Then… THEN we will see troubles.

Telegraph Headline: Lord Heseltine sacked by Theresa May as Government adviser after rebelling over Brexit

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Blair and Mandleson’s Monumental Arrogance Demonstrates Forces At Work Against Us When They Were In Power

peopleVseliteAfter the long, tortuous and at times politically delayed Chilcot enquiry Blair and Mandelson have decided that their ‘mistakes’ on Iraq and deliberate mass immigration have drifted far enough into the past for them to make more mistakes with gusto on Brexit.

These are dangerous men who for many do not warrant anything other than to reflect on the damage and loss of life they have caused in a prison cell. Through their ‘mistaken’ actions and those of others who consider themselves the global elite they have ruined the lives of millions of working men and women and fully intend to ruin the lives of millions more with globalist madness.

Now they declare we are a pack of idiots incapable of understanding Brexit issues and want us to stay in a vindictive EU club which seeks to eliminate democracy from once proud European nation states and to join a now collapsing Euro currency

Messrs Blair and Mandleson you are opposed. The men and women of Britain are not so ignorant as you arrogantly tell it. They see you for what you are and wonder how it is possible for you to remain free men. I hope at some stage your freedom will be curtailed in a criminal court of law.



Citizens withdraw £2.1bn from banks in 45 DAYS amid default fears

GREEK citizens have taken more than £2billion out of their bank accounts in just 45 days as they fear the economy is set to crash.

By Siobhan McFadyen.

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Get Ready For A Snap Election Parliament Has Some Catching Up To Do

Treason at MaastrichtI get it

 Accept the rule of law then change the law through democracy if you don’t like it.

Reluctantly I accept the Supreme Court’s decision that an act of the UK’s Parliament is required to trigger Article 50. In fact the more I think about it the happier I am with it. Gina Miller’s view that it should be tested in court was correct. The rule of law is maintained.

However the Supreme Court or its predecessors the law lords were never allowed to consider as fraud and treason the terms offered by Edward Heath’s government for our accession supposedly to a European Common market only; knowing full well it was designed to become an integrated political and economic superstate. Why?

The law lords were not allowed to rule on the treason at Maastricht committed by John Major’s Government. The legal case for treason stopped in its tracks by the then attorney general.

Its time for MPs to catch up on the negligence and subterfuge of previous governments in circumventing Parliamentary democracy and the law they were supposed to defend.

The EU is in the process of eviscerating our Parliamentary democracy in favour of unaccountable dictatorship. Our Parliament, the Law and the people have a lot of catching up to do.

If this Parliament doesn’t act on the will of the people its abuse of the people and democracy will be manifest and its faithless members must be replaced with a new lot.

The rights we have lost as a free democratic, sovereign nation state far outweigh those we have gained. And the people know it.

Thanks Gina

The UKIP Troubles Are Your Troubles

woolfeMany present and former UKIP supporters have been shamed by the party leadership debacle. Nigel Farage’s premature resignation triggered a catalogue of mismanaged, inept and amateurish behaviour putting the party on a path to self destruction.

UK voters got a glimpse of UKIP’s anarchic tribal inner workings and rightly drew the conclusion that they were not fit for government. UKIP’s seemingly unstoppable march to bickering rabble status allied to the Labour Party’s suicidal move to the left means the Liberal Democrats now form the only credible party with the organisation and membership to mount some semblance of a challenge to the ascendant Conservatives under May.

The following UKIP Daily Story illustrates the at times incomprehensible management of the party and also explains to some extent why UKIP is incapable of building a party worthy of government.

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Understanding BBC Establishment Spinning For CIA Director John Brennan

John Brennan, Obama’s outgoing CIA Director is a controversial figure in the world of US spies and spying. He has just told the President Elect to watch what he says, publicly. This is a remarkable event. A heated frank exchange of views, privately and in secret might have neen expected, after all he is an experienced spook and since March 8th 2013 responsible for the CIA’s activities world wide. He is no shrinking violet, but having the confidence and temerity to give Trump a public dressing down introduces a disturbing level of contempt for the diplomacy and discretion required in the job and worryingly contempt for the office of President and the electors who put him there.

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BBC Cranks Up The Pro-EU Propaganda Machine For Its 2017 Remain Campaign

Cameron_gagged_smThe BBC’s Project Remain editorial team are determined to attach far more weight to the resignation of Sir Ivan Rogers than it rates. This is consistent with their simple approach of ignoring and trivialising any story which puts the EU in a bad light and magnifying whatever spin supports their Remain campaign.

It has to be remembered that Ivan Rogers was part of the Cameron negotiation team that delivered the UK’s capitulation to the anti-democratic EU prior to the referendum. The so-called negotiation was presented by Cameron as the best deal we could get and relentlessly pedlled by the UK mass media. He should have gone immediately with Cameron and Osborne.

Like ostriches with their head in the sand the BBC’s news presenters/propagandists still think they haven’t been rumbled by the British public. In this BBC ‘news article’, UK’s EU ambassador tells colleagues to challenge ‘muddled thinking’, Ivan Rogers pays lip-service to ‘speaking truth to power’ and the BBC’S propaganda machine is pumping it out like some sort of Remain Epiphany.

Well Sir Ivan here is some truth you are not going to like. As part of Cameron’s team you sold the UK, its people, and its sovereign democratic Parliament down the river to these EU dictators in Brussels. The majority of British people take the pro-EU crap the BBC dishes out with a large pinch of salt.

They are not a credible source any more, just like you Sir Ivan.

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Unregulated Globalisation (Crony Capitalism) = Unsustainable Inequality

peopleVselite I had to do a double take when I saw a Telegraph headline today (see below). It is quite something for a top Central Banker like Mark Carney to come out and say the ‘globalisation’ mantra uttered like a religous self-evident, unquestionable truth might be wrong.

Am I getting this right? What’s good for the overbearing multi-national mega corporations and the government elites is not necessarily good for the little people. Quite a shocker.

Miracles do happen.

Telegraph: Mark Carney warns Britain is suffering first lost decade since 1860 as people across Europe lose trust in globalisation

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Cutting The EU’s Deliberately Tangled Legal Gordian Knot

Junker_DictatorThe Express article – ‘ECJ has ULTIMATE AUTHORITY over Article 50 and could delay it FOR MONTHS’ insists judge – epitomises the EU’s strategy for keeping dissenting nation states within its clutches through delay and obfuscation allied to use and abuse of ‘the law’. They do this with EU ‘laws’ created for the purpose.

These laws are a crucial part of their method to make the economic and political situation so bad for the dissenting nation that doubt and fear in the target country’s elite then spreads to its people, driving them back into the arms of the carefully constructed EU tyrrany they foolishly tried to escape.

Enter the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the case of Article 50.

Lawyers of any nation jealously guard their power and more importantly they guard the power they believe they have. The lawyers appointed to the ECJ are no different and here we have the agents(lawyers) of a foreign power seeking to dictate to the British Parliament and its people what they may and may not do.

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