Memo To PM May: Re Dementia Tax

SAVEnhsSimple demographics mean we need to find a way to pay for our growing elderly populations care, but how? Conservative “dementia tax” is not the answer. Young and old move forward into the future together as one, therefore we should look after eachother as individuals and collectively as society renews itself from generation to generation.

So what do we do? We should not be putting our pensioners, or long term ill,  out on the ice to be eaten by polar bears Eskimo style when they are no longer contributing and need long term care. They participated in and gave to society during their lives and deserve both respect and help from the rest when mother nature takes its toll.

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Due To Brexit The EU Elite And Gravy Train Are At Last Getting The Scrutiny They Deserve

Junker_DictatorJuncker, Verhofstadt, Barnier and the EU political class are in a very difficult position. Europeans young and old are actually paying close attention to what EUrocrats say and do in their name.

The sheer arrogance of their unsubstantiated, unenforceable claim for a £92 Billion EU exit fee has made Mr and Mrs UK determined to face them down through the ballot box.

Even our own Remainers recognise that the democratic chain of accountability has been broken. Juncker and the commission are literally out of control. Juncker travels around EU states insulting us, making false and inflammatory statements for the European media’s benefit secure in the knowledge he cannot be sacked for his incompetence and bad behaviour.

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UKIP Management To Blame For Big Losses

woolfe DianeJames Paul Nuttal

nigelfarageThe reprehensible post Brexit referendum leadership spectacle, with Farage leaving just days after winning, followed by a lamentable string of squalid punch ups, departures and general misbehaviour turned many former UKIP members and supporters against them.

UKIP are not fit to govern but their policies are still a valid option to many in a vibrant democracy. Their local councillors did a good job, they are good people but they have been let down by leadership which finds it difficult to organise at national and county level.

A rump of soon to be dismissed UKIP MEP’s roaming the halls of Brussels and Strasbourg are all that remains. I hope Paul Nuttall has the grace and courage to stay on until he finds a successor for his position. Hopefully this will be done in a statesmanlike manner without too much backstabbing. A radical party of protest is still needed in Britain.

Nigel Farage should think very carefully about the damage his premature resignation caused and from a managerial perspective creating a party which cannot function without him.

Telegraph: ‘Ukip 0’: Paul Nuttall’s party faces local elections wipeout after losing every seat it held

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EU Debt Monster Rising From The Deep

DebtMonsterThe EUrocrat financial mismanagement team in Berlin, Brussels, Paris and Frankfurt need every penny/cent they can lay their hands on and/or the ECB can print.

Colossal debts and unemployment are threatening to upset the EUrocrats’ modus operandi. Honed and crafted over generations its simplicity is its genius, the Brussels bad boys and girls end up kicking every intractable financial problem in the present as far as possible into the future. For good measure the EUrocrats hope they can do it with new fantasy loans, coupled with a schedule of unrealistic fantasy repayments and when the merde frappe le fan the nutjobs that put the deal together will be long gone, the principle will never be repaid, then Les fruitcakes Bruxelles head for a five star lunch at the EU taxpayers’ expense; telling each other how brilliant they are.

Country Public Debt % GDP Unemployment U25 % Unemployment % Corruption Rank
Greece 179.03 47.4 23.50 70th
Italy 132.62 37.8 11.7 60th
Portugal 130.35 27.9 10.5 29th
Cyprus 107.80 ? 12.5 47th
Belgium 105.89 20.1 6.9 16th
Spain 99.38 44.5 18.75 41st
France 95.98 24.6 10.0 23rd

Source See below for full EU table
Source OECD
Source Transparency International Corruption Perception Index 2016
CORRECTION: Greek unemployment at 23.5% not 18.5% as originaly quoted

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Juncker’s Methods Are A Vindication Of The British Decision To Leave EU

peopleVseliteArrogant bullying, threats and fearmongering are the ruling EU elite’s tools of choice to achieve their utopian “ever closer union”. The British independence movement against this bunch of unelected jumped up dictators in Brussels was never more clearly justified than it is today.

The underhand, disingenuous, scheming and back handed negotiating tactics demonstrate the nest of vipers two generations of servile British governments have betrayed this country into. It doesn’t matter a jot if you are Conservative, Labour, UKIP, Lib-dem, young or old this EU lot are trying to strong arm Britain, to take our jobs, our financial and manufacturing industry, our laws and our democracy then over time bring us to submission and ruin as they have done Greece.

We are not playing their game.

We must stand up to these dictatorial bullies. To do this we must get behind Theresa May and the UK Government and stop the splits that Blair, Mandelson, Branson, Soros and Juncker want to create and exploit in us to enslave us in their anti-democratic globalist web.

Express: I’ll stand up for Britain! May’s fury at Brussels’ DIRTY TRICKS amid leaked Brexit talks

Telegraph: Revealed: How EU has been secretly plotting to block Theresa May over EU migrants for weeks

EUrocrat blockade strategy is a repeat of another in 1806, Napolean Bonaparte’s Continental System

Junker_DictatorIt was painfully obvious that the misalignment between a majority of Remainers in Parliament and the peoples’ majority referendum vote to Leave the EU had to be resolved. May took time to find out what consequences would follow our departure from the EU.

Despite EUrocrat statements of everlasting peace, harmony and love between a democratic, sovereign UK and the increasingly anti-democratic Brussels dictators there is an undercurrent of unrelenting resentment and desire to inflict economic hardship on the UK economy.

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Delusional EU Intransigence Means A Snap General Election Is On The Cards

ParliamentWhen Donald Tusk presented the EU’s outline Brexit negotiating position it only added more weight to the post The Stars Align For A Snap General Election.

Just a few of the EU threats issued are that the UK should:

  • not make bilateral treaties trade or otherwise with other EU members
  • not make trade ageeements outside the EU Bloc
  • pay £50 billion divorce settlement demand without consultation or as it turns out any legal basis
  • Comply with all EU regulation post Brexit
  • Comply with the four freedoms if we want to keep access to the shrinking, over-regulated and dysfunctional single market

It has become so obvious the EU line that ‘we do not want to punish Britain’ is not true, they want to dictate terms to us. They want to corral the UK in a delusional fantasy while Juncker, Tusk and Merkel carve slices off our economy and reduce us to begging to go back in to the EU. Well Mr Tusk that is not going to happen.

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The Stars Align For A Snap General Election

ParliamentIt’s not complicated

The Issues:

  • There is a misalignment between the will of the majority of the UK’s people to leave the EU, and the actions of a few of its Westminster Parliament MPs who are acting against them.
  • The election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader indicates the Labour Party has taken a Quixotic turn to the far left, tilting at ideological windmills with no hope of becoming the next government. They should more properly be called London Labour.
  • London Labour have failed the UK’s middle and working classes by amongst other things: sowing the seeds of the NHS’s destruction through ruinous policies such as Blair’s private finance initiatives and following a secret policy of unsustainable mass immigration resulting in many former Labour voters turning against them.
  • The rise of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP after the first Scottish referendum came from a combination of: Scottish Labour voter’s disconnect with the London Labour party; the delusional but highly emotive SNP message of glorious independence based on oil revenues; the SNP’s magical ability to retain industry and business then attract more – even while major financial institutions were planning to move south if the Scots had said yes to Independence.
  • The SNP’s reckless independence drive, careless of the economic and social consequences has opened the eyes of all UK residents, Scots included, to their grasping fringe politics.
  • The Conservatives have been taking flak from some of their own MPs who have formed a cross-party alliance of anti-democratic Remainers against the Government with Lib-Dems, SNP and Labour rebels. It would be a good opportunity for May to de-select all Conservative Remainers and allow the electorate to do the same to the Remainer MPs in other parties.

Solution: Snap General Election

It has become clear to English, Welsh, Scots and many Northern Irish that just about the only UK party fit to govern the UK is the Conservative party. A snap election would return them to power with an increased majority more accurately reflecting the peoples’ will. To make the UK an independent, sovereign and democratic state once more.


Read also (Recommended): Telegraph: Jeremy Corbyn campaign group Momentum accused of union plot to take control of and ‘destroy’ Labour Party

The Brexit Referendum Was Only The First Battle – Sturgeon’s Reckless Pursuit Of Power Is Just One More And Should Be Put In Context

The SNP are going for the very traditional tactic of creating a ‘foreign’ threat in order to divert attention from problems they have created in their own local economy. The collapse in oil prices has laid waste the SNP’s dodgy financial logic and the first referendum claim of economic benefits. Few UK citizens outside Scotland are aware of the difficulties the SNP have created with their tax and spend policies no longer supported by their fantasy oil revenue estimates. Read Scottish deficit grows to nearly £15bn as oil revenues collapse to find out more. Independence at any price is the SNP goal, even the destruction of the Scottish economy and way of life. Sturgeon has thrown the dice, careless of the consequences.

Sturgeon realises there is a small window of chance the referendum mayhem she is spinnining is a better option for Scottish Independence than waiting for the consequences of the SNP’s policies: festering debts, high taxation and unemployment to turn the Scottish electorate against them and bounce them out of power.


BrexitAheadExpress Headline:  ‘It’s deeply UNDEMOCRATIC’ George Galloway scolds Nicola Sturgeon over Scottish referendum

GEORGE GALLOWAY has joined a host of critics berating Nicola Sturgeon over her announcement to call a second Scottish independence referendum.

By Ajay Nair,


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Lords Try To Insert Delay And Mischief Into The Brexit Process

ParliamentCry havoc and let loose the dogs of Democracy

Michael Heseltine was sacked after voting against the Government in the Lords. It is a sign of things to come. Some very clever and devious supporters of the defeated Remain campaign have not given up trying to derail the Peoples’ democratic choice to leave the EU.

Heseltine, Blair, Mandelson, Kenneth Clarke, John Major are at the heart of an EU-phile, cross party consensus operating in Westminster for years transferring our Nation’s sovereignty and democracy to a bunch of sinister anti-democratic Eurocrats in Brussels.

The next Article 50 vote in the commons should strip out these mischief making Lord’s amendments. The Conservatives should make the vote a confidence vote. Should any Conservatives rebel resulting in a Government defeat, they should be de-selected in a snap general election.

If we fail to invoke Article 50 by the end of March 2017 Lisbon treaty terms kick in and the UK will be subject to QMV voting. Unable to leave without the consent of the majority of the EU’ s nations. Then… THEN we will see troubles.

Telegraph Headline: Lord Heseltine sacked by Theresa May as Government adviser after rebelling over Brexit

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