Corbyn Has A Point – Privatisation Is Not A Panacea Or A Religious Faith Based Doctrine

Private finance initiatives (PFIs) have proven themselves to be one of the most disgustingly transparent transfers of wealth from the poor to the rich ever devised by successive Labour AND Conservative governments. It is a bankrupt, sleaze generating and anti-democratic policy damaging the fabric of our society. It has to be stopped.

If supporting the abolition of PFIs makes me a ‘Socialist’ in this matter then so be it. As an independent conservative (with a small c) I can see the common sense in Mr Corbyn’s argument.

It is a warning to the Conservative government that many small c conservatives feel the same way. We are well aware of the Hunt actioned dismemberment of the NHS amongst others. BE AWARE.

“Labour leader urges councils to reverse privatisation of public services while defending party’s intervention in Haringey”

Descent Into Treason – The Last Post

TMSack May and Hammond

They have sold the people out.

Taxpayers pay the extortion/divorce bill – banks and corporations reap the profits – UK Sovereignty and democracy sold down the river to EU Dictators. This is treachery.

Now we know what May meant by “Brexit means Brexit”

 Brexit in name only and betrayal.

It is becoming increasingly obvious the Conservative Brexit Plan was to get out in front of the Leave movement with the likes of Boris Johnson and the ‘take back control’ crew then mislead it back into the Dictatorial EU fold with Hammond and May in the vanguard.

Like many who supported UKIP in the past I cannot see any future for the Party without the radical, campaigning Farage at its helm. Farage made the terrible mistake of agreeing to resign the leadership at the behest of the then party chairman Steve Crowther and his poor thinking immediately after the referendum. It was too soon and led to the tragic and now terminal decline of the party.

We tried to warn the country, young and old, that our nations sovereignty, freedom and democracy were at stake. We nearly succeeded but the actions of Farage, May, Hammond and Johnson have compounded the treachery of McMillan, Heath, Wilson, Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron.

The next generation will it seems have to sacrifice on a terrible scale in the not too distant future, to learn the hard lessons of the past, and to regain the freedoms so easily spirited away by traitors to foreign powers over generations without the consent of the British People.

The descent into Treason

“Clause 49 states that there will be regulatory alignment across the whole of the UK economy for an unspecified period. This would mean that Britain would be unable to adjust its laws and negotiate trade deals with the rest of the world, which are important economic benefits of Brexit. Albeit this is related to the Irish question, it could easily be a Trojan horse for a neverendum and would result in the UK having a deal worse than that of Norway. –  Leave Means Leave

The Whole Objective Of EU Negotiating Position Is Delay and Defeat of Brexit

Its Time To Walk Away From A Bad “Deal”


  • Current Impasse should surprise no-one
  • British law should be sovereign in Britain. For Davis to even consider Barnier’s demand for ECJ primacy over Westminster, in any case, should be dismissed out of hand. Its an outrage.
  • Building delay and obfuscation into negotiations is the whole point of the EU position. It is a classic EU tactic based on the principle if you cannot get what you want now some pliant idiots will come along later, years later,  and can be corrupted into giving in. Hence the Blair, Cable, Soros, Branson, Corporatist(Hammond) and Banker Carney’s  Remain position
  • The anti-democratic nature of the EU makes Juncker and the EU ‘team’ unsackable, ideologically driven and arrogant.
  • Sadly Prime Minister May and her carefully selected Remain clique in cabinet are too close to the EU elite. They need to obtain an objective detachment from the EU’s institutions. That is being kind. You could be unkind and say she and Hammond are working for the EU and not the British people and they seek delay and obfuscation too on behalf of big business.
  • Many believe British sovereignty has been kidnapped by pre-meditated EU deceit and that May and her cabinet have the mentality of a kidnap victim assuming sympathy and alignment with its captors. A well understood kidnapping syndrome
  • The EU Commission is a proxy for Franco-German policy making and overlordship over EU states

The EU Don’t Like Doing It In Public: Sneaky Stealth and Arrogant Extortion Is Their Preferred Option

PN-172_2The Brussels Commission, EUrocrats and negotiators find it difficult to have their methods, views, techniques and prejudices arrayed for the whole world to see. All their secret schemes, quietly nurtured in committtee rooms populated by carefully selected EU-phile politicians over the EU’s lifetime up for public discussion is not their preference, but here we are.

The British have forced the EU’s hidden agenda for a militarised EU Superstate governed by a Soviet style commission beyond the reach of democracy into full public view and they hate it.

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The Brexit Battle Is Only Just Starting

WHOISSABOTEURMay and Hammond following EU strategy to:

  • Allow EU Superstate laws to go on governing us
  • Let immigrants legal and illegal overwhelm us
  • Be ruled by laws handed down to us by people we never voted for
  • Keep the EU’s hands in our pockets for a very long time

The EU’s modus operandi when dealing with democracy is to ignore it wherever possible if it conflicts with the aims and objectives of achieving an EU superstate. Now it seems Hammond and May, and I see it in that order, have decided that the EU way of doing things, which will ultimately lead the UK back into the arms of the EU superstate, is the  way to go. Delay, fudge and delay again until we hold a second referendum be it in the guise of a snap general election.

This is not what we voted for. This would be a betrayal.

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Juncker Became EU Commission President After Establishing His Corporatist Credentials In Luxembourg

Ed – Reading about the extent to which Amazon is doging taxes makes my blood boil. Juncker turned Luxembourg into a Tax Haven where tax dodging corporations can avoid paying in to the European and world societies which sustain them. This is a disgusting example of the part played by the EU in the globalisation network enabled and overseen by the un-reformamble EU and Juncker during his term as Prime Minister in Luxembourg


GreatEURipoffGuardian Headline: Jean-Claude Juncker’s real scandal is his tax-haven homeland of Luxembourg

The favoured candidate for the presidency of the European Commission has dedicated himself to making society less fair

“…What heavy industry the duchy had was vanishing by the early 1990s. During Juncker’s reign as Luxembourg’s prime minister from 1995 to 2013, the duchy reinvented itself as Europe’s largest tax haven: a land fit for Bernie Madoff to trade through. It allowed conglomerates to avoid tax through intermediate holding companies solely.

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Spendthrift EU Have Bought ‘Art’ Worth £8 Billion And Thousands Of Bottles Of Wine For its Fat Cats

GreatEURipoffStories of gratuitous waste of public funds in the EU are many, but as we found out during the referendum campaign they are hardly mentioned and generaly swept under the carpet by a pliant EUrophile mainstream media. That has changed, now an accounting has to be made as part of Britain’s departure.

It is interesting to watch the EU’s leading negotiators having to come to terms with skeleton after skeleton emerging from the rotten core of unaudited expenditure carried out in the EU since Britain joined. Other states are watching aghast.

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EU Nation States Calling Planet Juncker With Questions, Questions And More Questions

Junker_DictatorThe British departure from the EU has caused a chain reaction of critical thinking and review by the European nation states of which the EU is comprised.

They are asking if the EU institutions: Commission, so-called Parliament, EU Council and the ECB are governing their countries the way they thought they would when their respective previous governments signed them up.

They are asking a lot of questions now which should have been asked at the time they joined.

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Arrogance, Bullying and Intimidation Don’t Seem To Work So EU’s Barnier Changes Tack

EU fruitcake economics


Barnier is using the unusual ploy of suggesting the reason the UK should meekly submit to EU extortion for as yet unquantified billions, ad nausem, forever and ever amen is because the EU’s grandiose, politicaly correct projects of gargantuan uneconomic waste, fraud, and corruption fueled by a moribund “EU superstate” ideology ( largesse funded by British taxpayers) would have to be scaled down or ended.

Really… Hmmm…. Let me think…

Now this may come as a shock Monsieur Barnier but the EU’s days of playing endless silly beggers with vast sums of British Taxpayers money is precisely why we voted to leave the EU. Your accounts have never been signed off; your deliberate cynical budget overspends have all the hallmarks of an unaccountable dictatorship.

It has to stop, for our own good and for the long suffering EU nation states. This is tough love.

May I suggest:

  • Juncker applies a special tax on all the Global corporations in Luxembourg he has managed to attract through ‘special’-under-investigation deals to make up for it. Now there is an innovative idea…
  • Or tap up ‘Politique de big cock‘ Macron for a few Euros from the iniquitous French dominated EU Common Agricultural Policy while he is in a good mood.
  • Or get Mutti Merkel to make a unilateral decision to make good the UK share. She is really good at making unilateral decisions on the EU’s behalf without consultation.

Get stuck into reality Mr Barnier or perish in EU delusions. This time you will be publicly accountable for every misspent penny your corporatist EU friends ever dealt with. We are not going to pay for them after we leave.

UK consumers should move their business to UK companies

goingglobalThe following headline in the telegraph “Act now to stop companies moving jobs for Brexit, businesses urge Government” tells the story of the notoriously pro-Remain Institute of Directors desire to effectively flush out the Governments Brexit negotiating position by giving the IOD and their subscribers advanced notice of the UK’s final objectives so their members can plan ahead.

It caused me to think a bit about what the consumer response should be to businesses that do choose to leave the UK after Brexit and came to the conclusion UK consumers should move their business to UK companies.

One of the most important tools the consumer has is the right to buy what they want when they want. In order to do that they need all the information about a product they can get at the time of purchase, including the ingredients and materials used to make products and importantly WHERE they are made. Look for the country of origin on products and wherever possible buy British.

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