Leave Means Leave: CBI go into full on Remain campaign

LEAVEMEANSLEAVEBy Richard Tice & John Longworth

Once again the CBI have taken a swipe at Brexit as they released another damning report this week. Their report, ‘Smooth Operations’, protects the vested interests of global multi-nationals at the expense of the approximately 90 per cent of the UK economy that does not export to the EU. It is extraordinary that this business lobby group wants to keep a load of unnecessary EU regulations that stifle growth and innovation, which will thus reduce wage growth potential for UK workers.

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Germany Opts Out Of World War III After US Nuclear War “Doomsday Plane” Goes Airborne In Aftermath Of Believed To Be Spetsnaz Takedown Of NATO Warplane

Ed – I picked up this report while looking at the conversation in the US and UK on whats happening in Syria at gab.ai. Far from a Syrian regime chemical attack being the real cause of what appears to be an illegal attack on Syria it seems its a US attempt to prop up a declining petrodollar. The Petrodollar being the world’s reserve currency has allowed the US to print money to sustain itself and its massive debt. China, Russia, Iran and Venezuela have started trading in anything but the Petrodollar.

Have a read, recommended. To see the pictures go to the original article HERE www.whatdoesitmean.com


By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers, April 12, 2018

As the world’s two superpower countries Russia and the United States continue walking on the edge of the abyss in Syria, and Russian citizens are being told to pack essentials for their stays in bomb shelters, a new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has just informed President Donald Trump that her nation will not participate in any attack on the Syrian people—and whose decision was spurred by the US suddenly deploying its nuclear war Boeing E-4B NightwatchDoomsday Plane in preparation for World War III—with it to be noted that this deployment came within an hour of the believed to be take down” of a Greek-NATO warplane by elite Russian Spetsnaz forces for its threatening Russia’s ally Turkey. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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New Statesman Article Analyses “Conservative” Amber Rudds Role In Cabinet and May’s Brexit Capitulation

Ed – A thoroughly recommended read about our “Conservative” cuts in chief cabinet member.


New Statesman: Why Amber Rudd is a perfect fit for the Theresa May cabinet

The Home Secretary is disengaged, with a lack of drive and an inability to grasp a real political problem.

Read full story: HERE

Documenting May “Conservative’s” Sellout Of The British Security Services To Foreign Powers

May’s Disturbing Handover of British Army, Navy, Air Force, security service into an EU military union which no-one in the Establishment Is even prepared to discuss

After watching this video I hope you will understand the need to keep British defense and security services capable of independent and autonomous action. Contact your MP and demand action to prevent our armed forces and security services being handed over to the anti-democratic, unelected, Brussels Eurocrats. Click on the pic to watch the video.


DAV_David_EllisBy David Ellis, Strategic Defense Initiatives at Democrats and Veterans Meeting

Video: David Ellis on the Threat to our Military

Excellent, insightful speech from David Ellis of Strategic Defence Initiatives to Democrats and Veterans members and guests in Sheffield.

A huge thanks to John Lowcock for superb organisation of this valuable event.


Volunteer For Democrats and Veterans Party: HERE

New Democrats and Veterans Party Spells Out Its Aims And Objectives

dandv_logo_150Recruiting candidates and volunteers ahead of the next (snap) general election

Patriotic nation-state parties are coming up on the rails to replace Corbyn’s Marxist “Labour” and UKIP the dysfunctional Conservative protest party.

Disillusioned Labour and Conservative voters have a new option and it’s one that is growing rapidly.

Below: The Democrats and Veterans Party states its aims and objectives. You can join and volunteer.

May’s Police Cuts Predictably Make UK a Far More Dangerous Place. Why Is She Doing It?

Mail Online: Scotland Yard admits it has run out of detectives to investigate murders and gang crimes in the capital

  • Scotland Yard admitted yesterday it had run out of detectives to investigate 
  • It came as six teenagers were knifed in just 90 minutes in the capital
  • The force was forced to call in neighbouring City of London Police to help

Urgent Appeal: Jacob Rees-Mogg MP Recognises The Danger Of Imminent Brexit Betrayal

jacob-rees-mogg Issued through Leave Means Leave Campaign

Help us stop a Brexit betrayal. Donate to our campaign today.

This week marks one year to go until Brexit – and yet Remain campaigners have still not given up on their attempts to trap us inside the European Union.

They want us to go crawling back to Brussels – in what would be the biggest humiliation since Suez. A betrayal of this kind would be the most almighty smash to the national psyche that could be imagined.

Suez infused throughout the body politic the view that the best Britain could do was to manage decline.

Remainers are part of this culture. They think poor little Blighty must shelter itself from the winds of global competition by hiding behind the protective, albeit crumbling, walls of Fortress Europe. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Donate online to campaign by clicking HERE

Global Britain Ltd holds the donation monies on behalf of Leave Means Leave

Brexit is an extraordinary opportunity to take back control of our laws, borders and money – and to look beyond the confines of a shrinking European economy. In particular, controlling unskilled EU migration will boost living standards for the least well off by up to 15 per cent.

But despite our historic vote for change and independence in 2016, the battle is not yet won – and Leave Means Leave needs your support more than ever. Help us secure the clean, swift Brexit you voted for – and defeat the Remainers who do not believe in Britain.

Any donation you can afford, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated

You can read my speech marking one year to go until Brexit here.
Kind regards,

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

Full text: Jacob Rees-Mogg’s speech at the Leave Means Leave event, ‘Brexit – One Year To Go’


If you would like to donate via cheque, please make them payable to ‘Global Britain’ and address them to Leave Means Leave, 55 Tufton St, Westminster, London SW1P 3QL.

If you are interested in donating regularly to Leave Means Leave or would like to speak to us about making a more sizeable donation, please email us and we shall send you our account details


55 Tufton Street

Leave.EU: May hands Britain over to Brussels

Leave.eu team

When 17,410,742 people voted to leave the European Union on June 23 2016, we knew exactly what we were voting for. We wanted to take back control of our own destiny – and that meant controlling our borders, our money, our natural resources, and our laws. We wanted to do that as soon as possible, and David Cameron’s empty promise to trigger Article 50 on June 24 told us that we would be out of the rotten club by June 23 2018 at the latest.

But yesterday the British government revealed that it has no intention to deliver Brexit until January 1 2021 at the earliest. During that entire period – which will end nearly half a decade after our vote for departure – we will be bound by all of the shackles that we voted to remove.

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Labour Leave: Pitiful Abject Surrender

LabourLeave_150Labour Leave Team, 22nd March 2018

There is good news and bad news on the transition deal just agreed. On the plus side Britain has the freedom to both negotiate and sign trade deals with other nations during the transition phase. There has been no shortage of countries keen to sign such deals with us so we should soon be able to crack on with signing them.

But the big concerns are twofold. Firstly, Britain has conceded EU access to our fishing waters for the duration of the transition, with only a duty on the EU to “consult” us on the fisheries policy. The big fear from the fishing industry is that the EU will use this period to grind down our existing fishing capacity, enabling them to keep hold of our waters long term.

Alan Hastings of Fishing for Leave described the deal as “a pitiful, abject surrender”. We can’t let the government get away with this!

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