WTO confirms UK’s independent place post-Brexit

Published, Oct 26, 2016

Patrick.jpgUKIP MEP for the East of England Patrick O’Flynn said: “Project Fear is in real trouble because the basic facts are on Britain’s side when it comes to international trade.

“It is very encouraging to see Roberto Azevedo, the director general of the World Trade Organisation, make clear that it will be straightforward for Britain to resume its independent seat on that body and that there will be no seizing-up of international trade.

“Britain is in a very strong Brexit negotiating position as the eurozone’s biggest global export market and also given our huge trade deficit with the EU as a whole.

“A recent Civitas study showed that even if WTO regime tariffs were adopted rather than free trade with the EU, Britain would raise £8bn more in import duties than would be levied by the EU on our exporters, meaning we could easily compensate such companies anyway.

“These are all points that we on the Leave side made during the referendum campaign. The assurances given today by Mr Azevedo further strengthen the case for speeding up the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union.”

38 Degrees: Well Done Plucky Wallonia!

Ed – CETA comes from tthe same secretive, corporatist, anti-democratic stable as the proposed TTIP trade agreement. This is where multinational corporations in secret courts beyond democratic control can interfere with and intimidate goverments to their way of thinking. Wallonia is the only country to have the conditions and consequences openly debated, and rejected, quite rightly. Please sign the stop CETA open letter at the bottom of this post.

CETA is TTIP in other clothes

From The 38 Degrees campaign team

The dodgy trade deal known as CETA has been blocked! [1] The deal was due to be signed this Thursday. [2] But yesterday, the parliament of Wallonia, part of Belgium, refused to sign. Instead, they sided with millions of us across Europe – a huge, people-powered roadblock.

It’s a plucky move to stand up for democracy in the face of corporate and EU Goliaths. The Walloons are blocking CETA because the deal could allow banned chemicals into our food and let big business sue our government in secret courts. [3] Here in the UK, the worst bits of CETA would still apply for 20 years after we leave the EU. [4]

The Walloons are the only parliament listening to their people on CETA. And they’re under HUGE pressure to crack. So let’s send them a big people-powered message of support, showing them they’re not alone against CETA. It will help give them the strength to hold firm as pressure is piled on them to sign this dodgy deal.

Please can you sign the thank you letter to Wallonia? Click here to add your name with one click:



Labour Leave: STOP them reversing Brexit!

By Brendan Chilton

Last week number 10 admitted for the first time that Parliament will have right to REJECT the final Brexit deal, raising the very real possibility that Britain’s EU exit could be halted.

Downing Street agreed it is “very likely” that MPs and peers will be given a vote once the withdrawal negotiations are finished, after the issue arose in the High Court.

The statement – after the Prime Minister repeatedly refused to give ground on demands for Parliament to have a say on Brexit – immediately triggered furious debate about the possible consequences.

Many pro-EU MP’s were said to be celebrating, delighted that they may be able to in fact reverse the Brexit decision.

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The Taxpayers’ Alliance Update

tpaThe last government’s £1.3 billion Troubled Families Programme, a scheme to help ‘transform life chances of 100,00 families’, did not succeed and wasted taxpayers’ money. This was the conclusion of an independent report for the government. 45% of families who went through the programme were still claiming unemployment benefit 18 months later and there was no discernible reduction in crime rates. With the human cost of this failure tragic, and the financial cost exorbitant, it’s crucial that we get it right when so much taxpayers’ money is spent.

TPA News

It’s been revealed that Cumbria’s police constabulary spent a jaw-dropping £164,000 on hire cars in the last financial year. Due to the poor planning, the bill for the taxpayer worked out at over £3,000 per day. You can read my response here.

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Battle For Britain: Remainers Seize the Brexit Committee

Get Britain Out

Remainers Seize the Brexit Committee 

The past month has been packed with good news concerning Brexit. It is unfortunate we have to start this newsletter with some bad news. Much to our disappointment, the arch-Remainer Hillary Benn has been elected by MPs to Chair the new Brexit Committee. This, along with the recent attempts by other Remoaner MPs to delay the activation of Article 50, shows we still have much work to do to ensure Brexit actually happens. We will continue our campaign and do our utmost to stop attempts by these bitter Remaniacs in the Palace of Westminster, who want to undermine the democratic will of the Great British Public. We will not rest until we have achieved our aim to Get Britain Out of the EU.

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You Simply Have To Read This To Understand The Tragic Consequences Of Merkel’s Open Door Immigration Madness

Telegraph: Why it’s time for a new campaign for Brexit

By Allister Heath, 19 October 2016 • 8:40pmBrexitAhead

A new Brexit campaign is needed to make the case to leave the EU – and stop the Remainians setting the agenda.


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Ed – The Remain campaign never stopped, the idea is to undermine the people’s confidence in their decision to Leave. This is the EU’s favoured 2nd referendum routine to bring erring slave states back into the EU regime. Lies fudge and delay are the tactics and yes we need a new Brexit campaign.

Reader Comment: “For some bizarre reason, Clarke wants the UK to be governed by foreigners”

Express Get Us Out KNIGHTExpress: ‘If you don’t like it, CLEAR OFF’ Audience member ORDERS Remoaner MPs to ‘do their job’

PRO-European Union MPs have been ordered to “do their job” and take Britain out of Brussels or “clear off” by members of the Question Time audience.

WikiLeaks offers award for #LabourLeaks

Wikileaks Team, 23 September 2016

keep-calm-and-encrypt-women-s-t-shirtWikileaks offers £20,000 reward for #LabourLeaks with information on how the Labour Party’s top officials have attempted to stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming and staying on as leader.

With our #DNCleaks, Wikileaks exposed how those at the top of the US Democratic Party had worked tirelessly to tilt the scales in favour of Hillary Clinton as she faced off against Bernie Sanders in the race to be the Democrat presidential candidate. Our revelations eventually prompted the resignation of five of the most senior members of the Democratic Party in the aftermath of the Democratic Convention, including DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

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