Unregulated Globalisation (Crony Capitalism) = Unsustainable Inequality

peopleVselite I had to do a double take when I saw a Telegraph headline today (see below). It is quite something for a top Central Banker like Mark Carney to come out and say the ‘globalisation’ mantra uttered like a religous self-evident, unquestionable truth might be wrong.

Am I getting this right? What’s good for the overbearing multi-national mega corporations and the government elites is not necessarily good for the little people. Quite a shocker.

Miracles do happen.

Telegraph: Mark Carney warns Britain is suffering first lost decade since 1860 as people across Europe lose trust in globalisation

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ANSA Italia: Mattarella asks Renzi to hold off on resignation Until 2017 budget approval

EU flag burnANSA.it| English | Latest News |Mattarella asks Renzi to hold off on resignation

The outgoing premier told a news conference he took “all the responsibility” after his government’s reform was rejected by close to 60% of voters. The Italian people had spoken “in a clear, unequivocal way” he said. “We took this reform to the vote, we weren’t convincing, but we leave with no regrets,” Renzi told a midnight press conference.

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THE Tax Justice Network WEEKLY

TJNWe hope you had having a great weekend!

Over the last few weeks we have seen increasing attack on Corporation Tax.

With the US president seeking to reduce the federal rate to 15% there was speculation that the UK would slash rates from an already low rate to keep up.

In Hungary, the government has announced that it will cut tax rates to 9%.

How far can this go? and where does this end? The logic of tax competition, in a world where tax havens exist is that corporation taxes are scrapped altogether.

That is bad news for a number of reasons, principally it means that people (usually consumers and lower income workers) will have to pick up the slack.

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Express: ‘The EU is a DISASTER and Le Pen WILL WIN presidency’ Chomsky blasts Brussels bloc

sortir-europeTHE EU is on the brink of collapse due to its failed neoliberal policies and the rise of anti-establishment movements worldwide, respected scholar Noam Chomsky has claimed.

By Charlie Bayliss, Thu, Dec 1, 2016

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Cutting The EU’s Deliberately Tangled Legal Gordian Knot

Junker_DictatorThe Express article – ‘ECJ has ULTIMATE AUTHORITY over Article 50 and could delay it FOR MONTHS’ insists judge – epitomises the EU’s strategy for keeping dissenting nation states within its clutches through delay and obfuscation allied to use and abuse of ‘the law’. They do this with EU ‘laws’ created for the purpose.

These laws are a crucial part of their method to make the economic and political situation so bad for the dissenting nation that doubt and fear in the target country’s elite then spreads to its people, driving them back into the arms of the carefully constructed EU tyrrany they foolishly tried to escape.

Enter the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the case of Article 50.

Lawyers of any nation jealously guard their power and more importantly they guard the power they believe they have. The lawyers appointed to the ECJ are no different and here we have the agents(lawyers) of a foreign power seeking to dictate to the British Parliament and its people what they may and may not do.

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UKIP Showing Signs Of Life

UKIP Deputy Chairmen announced

Posted on UKIP.ORG November 29
  • deputychairs_(1).jpgUKIP Leader Paul Nuttall is today delighted to announce that Suzanne Evans will occupy a key role in his top team.Miss Evans will be one of the Party’s two Deputy Chairmen and as part of that role she will chair the Party’s Policy Committee.Mr Nuttall said: “I am putting together a team of all the talents and am pleased that Suzanne has agreed to fulfil these functions.

    “I am going to be harnessing her expertise in the key area of policy development after her very successful spell as Head of Policy, which culminated with our widely admired General Election Manifesto in 2015.”

    Miss Evans said: “I am delighted to accept this position in Paul’s team and looking forward to getting cracking.

    “I am also looking forward to contributing to developing the ideas that will further advance Paul’s vision of making UKIP the party of patriotic communities in every part of the UK.”

    Mr Nuttall has also announced that the current Deputy Chairman William Dartmouth will remain in his post.

    Paul Nuttall said, “Throughout the recent turbulent times for the party, William has remained a Deputy Chairman of great stability. By continuing in this role he will be of great help in the vital task of unifying the party.”

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Barnabas Reynolds: How UK financial services can continue to thrive after Brexit


barnabas-reynoldsBarnabas Reynolds is a partner at Shearman & Sterling and the author of A Blueprint for Brexit: The Future of Global Financial Services and Markets in the UK, published recently by Politeia.

Following Brexit, government ministers and industry players need to determine how the UK can retain and enhance its position globally and facing the EU. London is one of the world’s leading centres for financial services, matched only by New York. If pursued effectively, Brexit gives the UK the opportunity to excel further, leaving behind ill-focused and unnecessarily burdensome EU regulation.

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Guardian: Scepticism about a Brexit apocalypse looks increasingly justified

400_International Trade CakeEd – As a seething witness to the BBC/SKY/ITN/national and international Mass Media unquestioningly repeating propaganda passed to them by: HM Gov; the cross party Westminster political elite; EU, IMF; OECD; CBI; Obama; AND the Guardian Newspaper’s pro-EU Bull$hit machine;  it is with some astonishment I see information alluding to truth about Brexit appearing on the arch Liberal Guardian’s pages.

I recommend readers have a look, the like may not appear again for many a year.


Scepticism about a Brexit apocalypse looks increasingly justified

The IMF and the OECD’s predictions of economic gloom went awry, and continued fallbacks may see them lose credibility

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