Tax Justice Network: Britain’s first tax justice election? Our June 2017 Podcast

Ed – The principle that everyone pays taxes, according to their ability, to build a fair and civilised society is a just and good one. One worth fighting for. It is not about sticking it to the rich, it is about fairness. Allowing the talented to enjoy the fruits of their labour at the same time protecting the vulnerable and the weak. The Tax Justice Network is going from strength to strength, I can see why…


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In our June 2017 Taxcast we ask – has the UK just had its first tax justice general election? Why was economic debate around the election so ill-informed? Are we seeing a popular shift towards tax justice in the UK and in the USA? Is this the beginning of the end of our long austerity winter? How much do people REALLY care about taxes, who pays them and who doesn’t?

Featuring: Vanessa Williamson, Governance Studies Fellow at the Brookings Institution and author of Read My Lips: Why Americans Are Proud to Pay Taxes, John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network, Will Snell of Tax Justice UK and with brief appearances by President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Produced and presented by the the Tax Justice Network’s Naomi Fowler.

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Franco-German Axis Asserting Rule Through EU Proxy

OK Merkel-Macron

Let The Punishment Commence

Do Your Worst!

If it wasn’t obvious before it is becoming so now. The German and French elites are Junker_Dictatordetermined to assert hegemonic power over ALL European states through the EU Commission proxy. Any opposition to their polices,  put into action by anti-democratic, unaccountable Juncker, is cause for threats, intimidation and punishment.

Frankfurt and Paris are salivating over British trade and carving it up between them, Liberte, egalite, fraternite my ar$e more like lip-service, carvery and robbery. This is their big chance to put us down and they are going for it.

Its time for Brits to pull together, think very hard about our purchasing habits and ensure British jobs for British workers by demanding shops stock and sell British manufactured products.

Well the British Parliament is still standing and about to regain its sovereignty once more. If it can there is a good chance we will be able to protect our democracy and trade. Unlike the rest under the Franco-German elite’s heel.


Express Headline: ‘EU is NOT a supermarket’ Macron blasts Central & East Europe and demands migration reform


In this story Macron is dictating to the Eastern Europeans what they may and may not think. Macron should be reminded such words were uttered by these countries Soviet masters in the recent past. They have been forced to listen to dictators before and they know what they look and sound like. You, Juncker and Mrs Merkel are going to need an army to put them down Mr Macron. Maybe your former employers the Rothschilds can arrange one for you…

EU Remain Stooges Heseltine and Carney Calculate This Is The Time To Put The Boot In

Express Get Us Out KNIGHTThe EU Fearmongers are back with a vengeance

Express Headline: UK is being ‘humiliated’ Remoaning Heseltine’s raging Newsnight rant – Hard Brexit is dead

LORD Heseltine believes Britain is being humiliated as he claimed the European Union won the opening shot of Brexit negotiations.

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We Need UKIP To Step Up and Campaign Again NOW

Mr Farage

Step Up

Get the Leave alliance moving


Dear Nigel Farage,

Extract your digit.

The time is now and we need you to step up and step into the fray once more. We have to kick into a new Leave campaign to re-state the case

UKIP have been in disarray after two crucial national events the referendum and the lead up to the general election. This is not the time for dithering.

Britain is going to leave the EU ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. But it looks like the EU dictatorship and Elite have energised the UK’s left liberal media and coterie of die-hard Remainers. If we are forced into a second referendum or another general election making the case for Leaving again from a standing start will mean we may lose for another generation or until the Soviet EU breaks up in disorder.


UKIP Supporter

Labour Voters Return To The Labour Fold After UKIP’s Collapse

ParliamentTheresa May made it personal and she paid the price. Her record of Police cuts against the growing terrorist threat, her failure to curb on immigration, the Conservatives’ unrelenting, detested privatisation of the NHS have got peoples ‘nasty Tory’ antennae working overtime. Frankly I think the great British public delivered their verdict on Theresa May’s record as home secretary.

I wanted the Conservatives to win well to get us through Brexit in a strong negotiating position, but it is not to be. The Conservatives are on a short leash and the dictators in Brussels are licking their lips at the thought of dividing us and carving Britain up with Labour’s help.

Our extended stay in the EU with Juncker’s heel on our necks looks to be the price we will pay for May’s poor track record and poor campaign. But we will leave even if it takes another generation.

The UKIP leadership should be ashamed of themselves from the referendum onwards Nearly 4,000,000 UKIP votes at the previous general election down to roughly 600,000. A remarkable achievement.

You get the government you deserve

Diane Abbott Was Simply Out Of Her Depth And So Are Labour

ParliamentDiane Abbott’s replacement by Lyn Brown as shadow Home Secretary a day before the general election provides ample evidence that Labour under Jeremy Corbyn are unelectable and the Conservatives were right to call the election to settle matters before the most crucial period in British history for generations.

For the time being the Conservatives are the only party fit to govern and should be elected, however,  the abject decline of talent available to Labour to put up as leaders should be a cause of worry for us all. The Labour party has moved toward the Marxist left reflecting an underlying and disturbing polarisation of society, it has become detached from traditional Labour voters who in many respects and policies are no longer represented and who recognise the danger of a Labour Party victory.

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UKIP Wants A Measured Approach To Deportation

Paul NuttalExpress Headline: Paul Nuttall calls for extremists to be stripped of citizenship if they ‘present danger’

PAUL Nuttall has called for “moral relativism and political correctness” to be “ushered off the stage” in favour of a new muscular approach to tackling the threat of Islamist terrorism in Britain.

Read full story: HERE Could Amazon be the most dangerous firm on the planet?

Andrew Lockley, Exponential Investor

Yesterday, we looked at how Amazon is powering ahead. Despite being a bit functional and boring, it’s a remarkable firm. In fact, Sam Volkering believes it’s part of a new tech MAFIAA that’s dominating global stockmarkets.

Should we be worried by Amazon?

Frankly, there’s huge societal risk, in the power that Amazon’s amassing. In fact, it’s possibly the most dangerous firm on the planet. Imagine being chained to a lion cub, and steadily feeding it. That lion may be cute and playful now – but, eventually, it will become a very big problem for you.

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EU security and counter-terrorism control after Brexit


Monday, 05 June 2017,, Defence

 Dominic Grieve, the Conservative Chairman of the Commons Intelligence and Security Committee, argues that the UK must retain membership of the EU’s law enforcement agency (Europol) after Brexit, even if this means “accepting EU rules and judicial oversight for the European Court of Justice (ECJ).” This is not real Brexit and nor will it make us safer, in fact quite the reverse.
5th June 2017

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Whichever party wins must invest in the future of British manufacturing after Brexit

BrexitCentralBannerWritten by, , Justin Protts is Research Fellow at the think tank Civitas.

With only a few days of campaigning before the general election, much of the focus will be on who we want to lead our country into the Brexit negotiations and how they will negotiate. But so far little attention has been paid to the equally critical question – what will our government do to prepare our economy for the challenges and opportunities Brexit will present?

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